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New release of Mako Core unleashes the power of intelligent print solutions

Mako Core SDK empowers developers to build creative and innovative print solutions across cloud, desktop, and mobile platforms.
Global Graphics Software announces the release of Mako Core™ version 7.0, a ground-breaking update to the popular SDK aimed at developers who create document processing and manipulation capabilities for print applications.

Global Graphics Software is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hybrid Software Group (Euronext: HYSG), a leading developer of technology solutions at the heart of industrial printing.
Named after the mako shark for its speed and intelligence, Mako Core 7.0 introduces an intelligent Document Object Model (iDOM) that provides unparalleled access to every aspect of a document's composition, including fonts, images, vector art, layers, and metadata. With iDOM, developers can effortlessly craft intelligent solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the print industry. Unlike other SDKs that offer generic support for various Page Description Languages (PDLs) such as PDF, PS, OXPS, and PCL across print and digital document domains, Mako is sharply focused on print.
“Mako offers developers a robust solution for processing and manipulating PDLs, with a strong emphasis on print-related functionalities,” explains David Stevenson, Mako's product manager. “Whether you're building a PDF viewer, editor, or a custom workflow component, Mako provides the essential print intelligence, acquired by Global Graphics over 30 years, eliminating the need for extensive developer expertise. Moreover, it serves as an excellent platform for creating cutting-edge smart print applications, incorporating technologies like machine learning and Artificial Print Intelligence, as demonstrated in our ground-breaking Streamline Direct™ product.”
Mako Core 7.0 now incorporates a powerful color management module (CMM) using technology from sister company ColorLogic GmbH to guarantee ICC profile compatibility and consistent color rendering. With its versatile APIs developers can easily evaluate and transform color properties, enabling precise corrections and streamlined workflows. Mako also offers robust support for extended gamut color, enabling vibrant reproduction beyond the traditional CMYK color space.
Version 7.0 also introduces a powerful layout engine that enables seamless text flow in paragraphs and columns, with support for right-to-left text flow as seen in languages like Hebrew. Mako customer Racami uses Mako to add more print and eDelivery features to the Alchem-e™ system. “Our customers can rest easy knowing that when it comes to Postscript, PCL, and PDF processing, they have the combined expertise of Racami and Global Graphics. Together there is not much we can’t solve,” says Matt Mahoney, executive VP of sales and marketing. “The results using Mako are rock solid both in terms of speed and reliability and there have been no issues compared with the competitive products we looked at.”
The Mako Core development team is dedicated to ensuring their customers' success. “The support we’ve received from Global Graphics has been consistently excellent which you need to know when you are dealing with mission-critical work,” adds Mahoney.
Performance enhancements are also a key focus. Lukas Petersen, software engineer at EyeC, a leading vision technology company, says: “Since using Mako Core we now have a much more stable and reliable system. Performance is consistent and, even in very complex cases, is up to 50% faster than with the previous PDF Library we had been licensing.”
Among other tasks the Mako SDK iDOM allows you to:
Effortlessly convert between different PDLs
Create new print solutions using Mako as a powerful graphics engine
View PDFs with accurate overprint simulation
Comprehensively analyze various PDLs
Easily manage gigabytes of data and millions of pages
Achieve seamless transparency flattening using both vector and raster techniques
Streamline PDLs through preflighting and optimization
Handle complex color operations, including Extended Gamut Color (EGC) support
Generate new documents from raw data
Build precise Microsoft Windows printer drivers
Create accurate master images for camera- and scanner-based inspection systems




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