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LeoNovus Announces First Customer for Vault Direct Cloud Storage for Business

Leo Virtual Drive Icon Provides Easy and Secure Access to Your Cloud Files Behind the Enterprise Firewall from Multiple Connected Devices

LeoNovus Inc., (TSX: LTV) a leading Internet and cloud provider with its geo-dispersed distributed cloud services, today announced that AgileSwitch is its first customer for Vault Direct™, the Company's new cloud service for real-time S3-compatible storage retrieval.  Security is critical to most organizations and Vault Direct uniquely provides secure collaboration and sharing of all company data sets with specific groups of users, both internal and external to the organization.  Users can use this service and share data across the web from any connected device, no matter the location.  Coupled with the Leo Cloud File Server and native apps, users get unprecedented secure access and collaboration capabilities from a single solution.

AgileSwitch plans to collaborate and share IP with its global customer base, by means of a client icon on connected desktops and mobile devices.  This greatly enhances day-to-day interactions between AgileSwitch and its customers, while seamlessly backing up data across the LeoNovus geo-distributed data center for disaster recovery.

AgileSwitch, located in Philadelphia, PA, designs, develops and markets high-performance IGBT drivers for industry standard power modules, along with SmartPower Stacks™, to address the increasing demand of renewable high-efficiency energy applications.  IGBT power modules are used in a variety of power converters, including solar / PV inverters, wind turbine, motor drives, uninterruptable power supplies, industrial machines, hybrid electric vehicles and power distribution.

"LeoNovus is a good fit for delivering on-demand geo-dispersed storage with increased security and reliability for disaster recovery of mission-critical data," said Albert Charpentier, Chairman and CTO of AgileSwitch.  "We service global markets that require higher reliability, security, and privacy not only for our IP, but customer information as well. Having the ability to also create secure cloud sharing with specific users allows us to efficiently collaborate in our on-going product development, enabling faster-time-to-market.  And, efficient and immediate customer engagement increases our mutual productivity."

"AgileSwitch is at the forefront of using the latest cloud technology and services, which translates into applying best business practices for their customers and enterprise," said Gordon Campbell, CEO of LeoNovus. "As their industry expands at an exponential rate, this high level of security and privacy, as well as sovereignty, gives them a greater competitive edge in the marketplace."

Today, IT is dealing with legacy storage silos throughout organizations and is now trying to embrace the scalability of the cloud and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). The LeoNovus Vault Direct storage service allows IT to unify all data storage into a single converged storage infrastructure.  The service then layers in sharing, collaboration, synchronization, governance, BYOD, audit, security, encryption, back-up and migration capabilities to give organizations the ability to connect all cloud and private storage into a single view and access into all enterprise data. Coupled with the Leo Cloud File Server and native apps, users get unprecedented secure access and collaboration capabilities from a single solution.

IT now has centralized control over the organization's data assets and can put the appropriate security measures in place with disaster recovery back-up across the LeoNovus geo-distributed virtual data center.  This allows organizations to finally benefit from the many storage decisions that have been made over the years, without having to move from one to another.

The Vault Direct service can be used seamlessly with LeoNovus' current geo-distributed cloud services that provide disaster recovery across geo-dispersed end-nodes with high-level redundancy and a fault tolerance at 70% device failure before experiencing any impact. This approach has high-level reliability, and unlike traditional data centers that can be completely knocked out by storms or other unpredictable disasters, the LeoNovus distributed cloud services allow for immediate recovery due to redundancy across a broader geographical area.



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