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FLYERALARM customers offset over 100,000 t CO2

Right at the beginning of the year FLYERALARM has a big reason to celebrate: With the option "climate-neutral pressure" customers of the e-commerce company have offset more than 100,000 tons of CO2. In recent years, numerous climate protection projects have been supported worldwide.

FLYERALARM experienced a special highlight in the company's history right at the beginning of the year, as customers have offset 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) since the introduction of "climate-neutral printing" almost ten years ago. "100,000 - a huge number combined with a huge thank you to our customers, who have supported numerous climate protection projects through their voluntary contribution", says Thorsten Fischer, CEO of the e-commerce company. "When we made the option available almost ten years ago, I couldn't imagine that we would once have compensated for the amount that a car would emit during more than 13,900 round-the-world trips along the equator. I am very proud that our customers are taking such good advantage of this offer."

In cooperation with the German Printing and Media Industries Federation, FLYERALARM has already developed a model in May 2010 which calculates the amount of CO2 produced during printing. This includes all materials, their delivery, the use of the machines, the waste and its recycling, the energy consumption for the building technology as well as the journey of the employees to the production site. In this way, the customer is given the total amount for the compensation payment directly in the order process, which can be selected under the option "Climate-neutral printing" for the majority of offset products. In recent years, customers have thus paid an average of 0.58 euros per order, so that FLYERALARM has been able to invest a total of more than 1.23 million euros 1:1 and without deducting processing fees in high-quality, certified climate protection projects for over 2.13 million individual orders.

Compensation payments support climate protection projects worldwide
With the voluntary compensation payments from customers, FLYERALARM buys climate certificates, so-called emission reduction certificates (VERs), and is committed to high-quality "Gold Standard" climate protection projects of the cooperation partner ARKTIK. The selected certified projects in Ghana, Mali, Taiwan or New Zealand focus on ecological concerns as well as the needs of the local population. For example, the conversion to efficient cooking stoves in a current project in Ghana not only contributes to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, but also to the protection of the tree population against deforestation and the strengthening of local crafts.

Avoidance of CO2 emissions through the collective printing process
Ever since the company was founded in 2002, FLYERALARM has relied on the collective printing process, in which as many print products as possible are arranged on one print sheet. The company has been instrumental in its development and has revolutionised the printing industry. With the help of this process, there are significantly fewer CO₂ emissions than with conventional commercial printing. In addition, the offset production sites of the online print shop are certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001. The prerequisite for this is, among other things, systematic and continuous improvement in energy use, energy consumption and energy efficiency.


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