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Wall Cladding 3D Printing in Ceramic| WASP Residency

WASP is the technical partner of IOUS Studio for the creation of a 3D printed wall cladding for Milan Design Week.
3D Printed Ceramic Tiles for Wall Cladding | WASP Residency of IOUS Studio
For the occasion of Salone del Mobile, during Milan Design Week, IOUS Studio reached out to WASP for the creation of Fusion: a 3D printed wall cladding in ceramic created using WASP 40100 Production.

To complete their project, IOUS Studio was hosted at WASP headquarters as part of the WASP Residency program. During that time, WASP fulfilled the role of technical partner of the project, providing IOUS Studio with access to a state-of-the-art Clay 3D Printing Farm, consisting of a series of WASP 40100 Production. This setup facilitated the efficient and rapid production of multiple customized ceramic pieces in just a matter of days.
Fusion was presented at SaloneSatellite, the prestigious exhibition dedicated to emerging design talents at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.
Ceramic Additive Manufacturing is opening the doors to exciting new applications in the facade design and architecture world. Being able to customize an entire serial production of pieces has enabled artists to experiment with new approaches to wall cladding, especially through parametric and computational design.
The project Fusion by IOUS Studio is a great example of such applications. Drawing inspiration from the dynamics of the sea, Fusion captures the mesmerizing effect of shadows and reflections dancing on the water's surface, translating them into a captivating wall cladding design. By dividing the overall surface into smaller modules, it was possible to 3D print and later assemble a portion of the wall inside SaloneSatellite.
Each piece was 3D printed using WASP 40100 Production, the customized serial production system that enables 24/7 automated production of ceramic pieces with different designs. Thanks to this system, it's now possible to print more than 100 pieces per day with just 3 machines, for a total of over 4000 pieces in just 40 days, making it the most efficient digital ceramic production system on the market, easily scalable at an industrial level for the creation of a true digital ceramic factory.
WASP Residency
Since 2012, WASP has always been closely connected to the worlds of design and architecture, offering professional and trustworthy technologies to researchers and makers who wanted to delve into the newly discovered world of 3D Printing.
In 2024, WASP is launching its Residency program, opening its doors and making its technologies available to architects, designers, engineers, artists, and researchers.
The program encompasses multiple objectives:
- Advancing research on the utilization of sustainable and technical materials in 3D printing, including both architectural and industrial applications.
- Enhancing the artistic value and cultural contribution brought by 3D printing, providing advanced tools to artists and designers operating in various fields.
- Creating new opportunities and connections within the world of 3D printing, contributing to bridging the gap between research and industry.
During the residency, participants will have the opportunity to personally use WASP's 3D printers. Depending on the nature of the project, they will have access to various technologies, including printers from the Clay and Industrial lines, as well as the architectural printer Crane WASP.
Participants will work in direct contact with WASP’s team inside its headquarters. Following an introductory training course on the technologies, they will be able to work independently with the machines.
The results of the projects carried out during the residency will be shared within WASP’s platforms, providing worldwide visibility and recognition.
Accommodation and length of stay will be planned together with WASP’s team according to the project’s needs.




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