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BLT's Impressive 3D printing Applications Wow the Audience

At TCT Asia 2023, Xi’an Bright Laser Technologies Co., Ltd (Herein after referred as BLT) showcased a multitude of the latest products in various application areas, and large-format printing system BLT-S800(20-laser), BLT automatic powder recovery system jointly presented with customers were particularly stunning.

One notable highlight was the debut of the BLT-S1500-produced Intermediate Compressor Case. It is a crucial load-bearing component in aviation engines, directly influencing engine performance. BLT 3D-printed Intermediate Compressor Case is made from titanium alloy material, with external dimensions of Φ1350mm×205mm, and the overall wall thickness is only about 2mm. This part features a self-forming reinforcing rib structure on its surface, ensuring overall strength while achieving lightweighting. The quality and performance of this part meets the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry. This part is produced by BLT new released BLT-S1500 system. This demonstration fully showcases the reliability and stability. The BLT-S1500’ build dimension of is 1500mm × 1500mm × 1200mm (W × D × H) with 26 lasers, breaking through the size limitations and meeting the production combination (the production of large-sized and complex parts, and rapid mass production of small and medium-sized parts).

The torches for the Beijing Winter Olympics, Winter Paralympics, and national university sports games are also displayed at TCT Asia. The ribbons inside the torches were 3D printed and produced by the 4-laser BLT-S515 printing system with each batch of 36 pieces taking 50 hours to complete. The finished ribbons displayed flawless and highly dense internal and surface qualities, showcasing BLT's high-quality mass production capabilities.

BLT also showcased its exploration of metal 3D printing for large-scale production in clinical field. At TCT Asia, 3D printed artificial vertebral body, shoulder joint prostheses, tibial prostheses, and intervertebral fusion devices. In May, BLT assisted Wedo-Bio to obtain the first domestic "SLM Matched Thoracolumbar Artificial Vertebral Body (spinal fusion system Class III medical device registration certificate)”, highlighting the potential of metal 3D printing for large-scale production.

The shoe molds produced by BLT-A400 made an appearance at the event. In July, BLT and shoe producer Yongjing Group reached a strategic cooperation in the shoe mold industry, which is a testament to the two parties' joint efforts to promote the application of metal 3D printing technology in the shoe industry.

The one of the eye-catching components is the titanium alloy bicycle (Shaanxi Taishibang Technology Industrial Co., Ltd) with 3D printed frame and other components. The 3D printing assisted bicycle not only exhibits a pleasing aesthetic, but it also boasts a lighter weight, higher strength, corrosion resistance, and a longer lifespan.

The thrust chamber injector of the "JD-2," a 100-ton liquid oxygen methane rocket engine is also displayed at the event. This injector includes multiple long and short fuel nozzles with intricate features, demanding high dimensional accuracy.
BLT utilizes BLT-S600 and self-produced superalloy material BLT-GH4169 to achieve integrated nozzle production, maintaining dimensions within ±0.05mm. This not only ensures production cycle and improves the product precision efficiency but also meets subsequent usage requirements.



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