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News You Can Use: Print isn't dead; it's just evolving into something more valuable to brands and consumers

Earlier this year, The Onion (aka America's Finest News Source) published breaking news with the headline "Print Dead at 1,803." The announcement, an obituary of print that was dripping with satire, poked fun at the apparent demise of the medium.

"I can remember a while back when I opened my Sunday newspaper for the first time in I don't know how many weeks and there it was, looking so thin, so lifeless," said one expert quoted in the article. "After that, I realized it was only a matter of time."

With the rapid evolution of the internet, social media and mobile technologies, it's hard to disagree that print has seen some hard times. In fact, there's an entire blog dedicated to understanding the changes in journalism based on what is often referred to as the death of newspaper. So what does this mean for print?

RPI's CEO Rick Bellamy is exploring that very topic at PRINT 13, one of the industry's largest trade shows being held this week in Chicago. Rick's presentation at the show examines how brands can use print effectively to engage customers and help them tell their stories.

The value of print may be in question, but reports of demise are greatly exaggerated. At RPI, we believe strongly that co-creation and mass customization will play key roles in meeting the needs and demands of the digitally engaged customer.

In an increasingly digitally connected world, tangible products help make the stories we're sharing real and keep them real. They transform ideas, create memories and connect us through shared experience.

So The Onion missed the mark on this one. Print isn't dead. It isn't even old school. It's evolving into something very special that embraces digital, mobile and social, and will become increasingly relevant for consumers and brands.



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