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Where the trainee really counts

Training start 2019 at Schumacher Packaging

Do you want to make a difference during your training, be appreciated, receive recognition? In some training companies this is rather rare, in others it is almost the rule. At Schumacher Packaging, the family-run manufacturer of packaging solutions made of corrugated and solid board headquartered in Ebersdorf near Coburg, 27 young people will start their training at the beginning of September in a wide variety of professions. With the new trainees, a total of 81 young people will be undergoing training at Schumacher Packaging in September. "There is a simple reason why we attach so much importance to training and are pleased with the interest in our open positions every year," says Bernd Köbler, Training Manager at Schumacher Packaging. "Because we are a rapidly growing company, we see our trainees as our future. Apprentices have prospects with us".

Apprentices of today as tomorrow's specialists
"We want to use our diverse training programs not least to secure the skilled workers of tomorrow," explains Bernd Köbler. Last year, for example, Sven Schoppa graduated as a professional driver at the Coburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce with the best results - and today he is very happy to continue his training for Schumacher Packaging. A very important goal is to enable the trainees to work independently. Christoph Koock, Head of Product Development at Schumacher Packaging, does not want to do without his trainees any more: "I enjoy working with trainees because they have no restrictions in their heads. The creativity of our apprentices often generates great ideas."
From zero to developer
The idea for the now award-winning e-commerce packaging "L-Folder", for example, came from a budding technical product designer specializing in product design and construction. "I had given our trainees a task on e-commerce packaging, and Jan Feuerpfeil came up with the idea of replacing the usual book packaging in basic T form with an L form," reports Koock. "There was minimal fine-tuning, but 98 percent of the L-folder is from him." Thanks to its innovative shape, the folder can be produced in a material-efficient and resource-saving manner, is very variable in size and prevents unnoticed opening. Schumacher Packaging promptly won second place at last year's "Corrugated Board Innovation Award" with this new e-commerce packaging. "The next great trainee idea we are currently working on comes from Anabel Wintermud," says Koock. "It's about a special stool made of corrugated cardboard." But the head of development is not yet allowed to reveal any more.
A wide variety of training occupations
The Schumacher Packaging Group is again filling vacant training positions at many German locations this year. The lion's share of the 27 new apprentices starts at the main plant in Ebersdorf, but the plants in Forchheim, Bielefeld, Greven and Schwarzenberg also train. The young men and women have opted for a wide variety of apprenticeships at Schumacher Packaging: Industrial clerks, forwarding merchants and logistics services, IT specialists for system integration, IT specialists for application development, digital and print media designers, industrial electronics technicians, industrial mechanics and professional drivers.
His own role in the company
"Our goal is high-quality training that challenges and promotes young people," says Köbler, head of training. "And so that everyone quickly feels at home, we always start with joint introductory days. This supports getting to know each other, strengthens cohesion and provides an initial overview of the company". The new trainees are also allowed to implement their first project as part of the introduction. They have to create a product presentation and find out and explain their own involvement in the value creation process. This also makes it clear that apprentices are taken seriously at Schumacher Packaging.
Internships and apprenticeships
Anyone interested in the Industrial Clerk 2020 training course has until the end of October 2019 to apply to Schumacher Packaging. The packaging specialist also offers internships for schoolchildren and tasters.
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