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Hymmen - Digital Lacquer Embossing (DLE) Technology

Hymmen's award-winning DLE technology offers an unprecedented, highly realistic look and feel. This patented, innovative technology achieves these compelling results by printing a transparent, liquid medium into a textured varnish layer using the proven technology of Hymmen JUPITER digital printing equipment. Combined physical and chemical reactions create the deep and unique textures.

- The most important feature is the creation of structures that are embossed synchronously (EIR) to the decor of the surface - regardless of whether they are printed digitally or analogue. This is the missing link to synchronous textures for UV-cured surfaces.
- This technology offers all the commercial and technical advantages of digital single-pass printing, such as flexibility, fast makereadies and customisation.
- Digital texturing supports surface performance. All properties such as hardness, adhesion, scratch resistance and chemical resistance of the base coat are retained.
DLE plus for special structures: further development of the award-winning technology
The process can be adapted for the realisation of special designs and sophisticated structures. Sophisticated designs require striking depth effects and sharp edges to make the digitally printed surface as natural as possible. The DLE plus technology is the answer to these market needs. By modifying some of the process steps required for conventional Digital Lacquer Embossing (DLE), DLEplus results in op- timised haptic effects for special textured designs:
- Deeper (up to 200 μm)
- Sharp and defined edges
- Special effects due to high variability of depth
- Different degrees of gloss
- Embossing of fine lines and entire surfaces
- Highly realistic, natural designs with additional features
Hymmen's digital printing technology with DLEplus is gaining international acceptance
In the last 12 months alone, 6 of the now more than 50 digital presses sold worldwide have been equipped with Digital Lacquer Embossing (DLEplus) technology. All include one or more of the fully developed surface options: Viscoelastic topcoat (falling sand), corundum (AC classes according to 42 Taber) or Wearlayer lamination. The surfaces convince with 100% synchronous pore structures.
With I4F as a licensing partner, the flooring manufacturer can secure its freedom of action. This licensing partnership promotes many other digital flooring projects worldwide that are currently being negotiated. "Hymmen and I4F believe that customers in Europe and overseas are now excited about the benefits of digital printing technology for their flooring production," summarises Dr. René Pankoke, Managing Partner of Hymmen. He is certain that from now on, digital printing will increasingly replace analogue printing in the global flooring industry as well. "A trend that can no longer be reversed," says Pankoke.


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