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The overview of the market in digital signage – only at viscom frankfurt 2014

The Smartphone as an interactive remote control, the merging of monitors and their environment, and increasing use in the outdoor segment: These are some of the trends in the digital signage sector – to be presented from 5 to 7 November at viscom in Frankfurt. Among those present will be experts in brand architecture, providers of digital signage solutions, advertising agencies, LED display manufacturers, agencies for digital media concepts, IT service providers or specialists for software solutions. They will showcase new technologies and possible applications on their trade fair stands and during the lecture programme. Several of the exhibitors have already provided an insight into trends and new products ahead of the trade fair.

dimedis GmbH is primarily at home in exhibition grounds, but also offers its range of digital products and services in shopping malls and at the PoS. Patrick Schröder, Head of the Digital Signage Division of dimedis GmbH knows where the trend is heading: "Based on our projects and customer requests we have identified two major trends in digital signage: interactivity and the merging of digital signage systems with mobile end devices. At the PoS and PoI, the use of digital signage should be dialogue-oriented at the same time, which is why, for one customer, we presently use a chat function in the help section, while for another project we are working on an interactive paternoster to be shown on the monitor, which allows the customer to click on the merchandise moving past for further information and ordering.

Technical interactive solutions such as touch will be extended by means of Smartphone link-up, for instance via QR-Codes. Thus, our kompas smart.remote solution allows turning the mobile phone into a remote control device for digital signage applications, to be used while looking at a shop window, for instance. We are also working on topics such as iBeacon and the integration of social media services at the PoS. From a technical perspective, video walls are an important issue in the industry, particular focus being on the very special challenge they present for the software. Apart from classic digital signage content, demand for interactive and dialogue-oriented elements is steadily growing, and the software has to be capable of activating individual video wall segments (right down to each individual monitor) and parallel showing of different content."

Patrick Schröder, dimedis

At this year's viscom in Frankfurt, dimedis will show its digital signage software kompas 7.0 which includes sophisticated rights management. "As a further highlight we will present kompas wayfinding, the award winning digital guiding system for shopping malls and trade shows", Schröder continues. "At the trade fair we will also demonstrate how to show a large range of content on the world's largest freestanding digital signage stele using our digital signage software. Last but not least we will present kompas smart.remote. It turns any Smartphone into an interactive remote control, to be used, for instance, to select different content outside a bank or a car dealer's according to the viewer's particular interest. We are looking forward to all trade fair visitors, especially to those marketing deciders who have realised that digital signage as a component in overall communication at the PoS and PoI is becoming increasingly indispensable and that it boosts both sales and the dialogue with the customer."

Another exhibitor in the digital signage segment is Wilke Technology GmbH from Aachen. The company presents wireless digital signage solutions for indoors. Linked up via a wireless network and battery-powered, these signs can be installed anywhere quickly and without any wiring work. Maximum flexibility, cost advantages and a battery life of up to 10 or more years are arguments in favour of the new technology. The signs can be used on glass walls, mobile stands, or mounted on door leafs and surfaces that must not be damaged.

Ein Projekt der LEDCON Systems GmbH

"We are looking forward to all visitors who see digital signage not merely in terms of classic LC displays but as an overall concept of form and content. We see ourselves primarily as a full-service provider and expect to attract lively interest from the planners right through to those building and installing digital signage, both for indoor and outdoor application", says Rainer Möller, Project Manager with LEDCON Systems GmbH about his company's trade fair presence. One current trend according to Möller is toward integrated solutions, which today must fit in perfectly with the environment. "Digital signage must not be perceived as a technical product but is part of the overall design. This makes high demands on the visuals and the flexibility of the systems installed. Demand for outdoor solutions is also rising rapidly", says Möller. At viscom the company presents not only its LED outdoor video steles in City Light format but also and for the first time a novel LED glass monitor. Says Rainer Möller: "With its almost 80 percent transparency, the glass monitor is the absolute video eye-catcher and the perfect product for shop windows and glass facades. And of course we will also have several high-dissolution LED video displays seamlessly integrated into our trade fair stand, including a convex-concave display banner and a walk-on LED floor."

Supporting programme for those interested in digital signage
"Hybrid worlds – the evolution in digital signage": On the viscom Wednesday, the trade show also offers a focus day with a large number of lectures on the subject. The day starts with a short introduction on the current state of digital signage. The focus will be on the question of what characterises good digital signage, what challenges and opportunities arise when implementing projects and what the medium can contribute as part of the marketing mix. Another topic, dealt with in the lecture "DS goes...anywhere", is the merging with classic forms of communication: digital signage meets lighting, display, object and shop design. The "Digital Signage Content Workshop" in the afternoon looks at good content for a variety of digital signage applications. The lecture on "Selling digital signage" targets DS experts wishing to score points with their customers thanks to a deeper understanding of the systems. Finally, the "PoS meets mobile" Future Lab will provide a glance into promising technologies of the future.

The DS experts on the supporting programme come from the following companies, agencies and associations, among others: adorsys GmbH & Co. KG, baermedia GmbH & Co. KG, dimedis, exempTec GmbH, ForTeam Kommunikation GmbH, IVCA - International Visual Communications Association, Koffeecup Ltd Digital Production, LEDcon Systems GmbH, Medienfabrik Gütersloh GmbH, ppm planung + projekt management gmbh, Pyramid Computer GmbH, Silver Curve and Westiform GmbH & Co. KG.

About viscom frankfurt 2014
From classic advertising technology to digital printing through to digital advertising and POS media – with its six theme worlds, viscom presents the innovations in visual communication. In addition to the inspiring synergies created by the six themes – large format printing – signmaking – object design – covering the "Technologies and Materials" segment and – digital signage – POS display – POS packaging – covering the "Applications and Marketing" segment, the event is clearly structured and thus leaves plenty of room for the development of each sector's identity. A key factor for the success of viscom exhibitors and visitors alike, the event blends a classic trade fair with application-focussed special shows, European-level awards and an extensive supporting programme. This diversity is reflected in the trade fair's visitor target groups, as well: viscom is aimed at brand manufacturers and distributors, manufacturing and retail marketing decision-makers, object designers, advertising technicians, equipment and materials buyers, craftsmen, agencies, and creative talent. Alternating locations between Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, viscom 2014 will take place from Wednesday, 5 November, to Friday, 7 November. Some 350 exhibitors and 13,000 trade visitors are expected to attend.



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