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Hygienic safety & Promotion wow factor

CCL presents a new decoration solution for cans – a Sleeve & Label composition that fully covers the top of the can for an hygienic drinking experience.
Full protection to every individually canned product starting at the point of manufacturing to the point of use by the consumer.

The 360 degree decoration option allows for great designs and promotion activities that stand out!
In times of the COVID crisis, packaging plays an important role in supplying people with food, beverage and protective equipment. More than ever, the most important feature is the protective function of packaging.
Beverages in aluminium cans are widely available, and for convenience, drinks are often consumed directly from the can. Cans are exposed to various environments during production, storage and shipping during which the lid may be contaminated with microorganisms. CCL offers a decoration solution to achieve the highest protection and hygiene and turns the whole packaging into a good experience for consumers.
Hygiene, Safety, Trust
The decoration fully covers the top of the can to guarantee a hygienic drinking experience
Protection from dirt, bacteria, viruses, fungi and other substances
Reclosable – protection from potentialy harmful insects especially for kids
Decoration fulfils all official food safety standards
Add magic to your brand with promotions that offer the extra piece of “added value”
360° space for marketing campaigns
Additional space on the lid – 2ply or booklet can be applied
Integration of contests, lotteries
Loyalty programs, collectibles, sponsorships
QR codes for unique & secure digital identity
Add virtual reality elements right onto your packaging for consumers to explore
Many printing technologies available that will improve the attractiveness of the can
Special effects e.g. glow in the dark, luminescence, matt/gloss varnish and many others
Digital printing – each packaging can be individually designed to stand out in the shelves
Flexible quantities, small runs for seasonal, language or promotion-based designs
Supply Chain
Reduction of security stocks
Reduction of obsolete stocks
Great agility and flexibility in orders
More available warehouse space
Ease of provisioning
Reduction in lead times
Aluminium is a 100% recyclable & sustainable metal
Recycling aluminium saves > 90% of the energy needed to make new aluminium
Nearly 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use
Aluminium beverage can recycling in Europe: 76.1% (2018)


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