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Simple equipment: the ((rfid))-UHF starter kit

Whether paying at the supermarket checkout, passing a tollbooth or borrowing books: There are many applications for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) in our everyday lives. But especially in production and logistics, the contactless storage and reading of data plays an important role. Schreiner Services' comprehensive RFID starter kit makes it easier to get started with this modern technology and helps prevent potential challenges.

RFID technology offers many additional advantages compared to the conventional barcode method. These include the large data capacity as well as resistance to wear and tear. The code can be read from all sides. Information can also be added later. In addition, bulk reading is possible, as several chips can be read at the same time. In addition to the many positive aspects, however, there is also a challenge in the use of RFID products: the environment can impair the functionality of the chip. For example, contact with liquids or metals leads to problems with reading. Metal boxes and steel structures can affect the reading range. To ensure the full performance of an RFID chip, the environment must therefore first be checked.
For this purpose, the Competence Center Services offers an optimal overall package: the RFID Starter Kit. This is test equipment that tests the RFID functionality at the future place of use. The testing process takes place over a longer period of time. For realistic on-site testing, the technologies are equipped with a simple, pre-programmed database. The customer receives a complete set with all important components. It includes selected RFID labels, an RFID TTR printer and an RFID reader.
The starter kit is characterised by its minimal cost and ease of use. The customer can quickly and easily carry out a comprehensive test phase on site. The results can be recorded in a very short time. The technology is evaluated in terms of performance and user-friendliness. The starter kit can be optimally integrated into the workflow. Customer-specific wishes regarding the starter kit can be implemented in an uncomplicated manner. In addition, installation and also training on RFID technology can be carried out by our team members on site. Whether adhesive base, data processing or label: Schreiner ProTech's many years of experience and comprehensive expertise in a wide range of competencies make it the ideal contact partner when it comes to RFID.
Components of the ((rfid)) starter kit
- UHF RFID labels
- RFID TTR printer
- UHF RFID reader
- UHF RFID starter kit software
- UHF RFID gate



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