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What Next for Digital Textile Printing ?

Why is digital textile printing such a big deal? First of all, there is a big practical aspect to it. Regular fabric patterns are created through rotary or flatbed screen printing that require individual screens for every colour used and large yardage. Simply put, you need to print a lot of fabric and waste a lot of time and you would still be restricted in your choices. With fashion changing on the fly and consumers vying for more exclusivity and customization the scope of digital printing is on the rise.

Boost you Business with Perfect Colors !

Inkjet Forum India is launching an initiative to educate digital textile print manufacturers about color matching & profiling to improve their product quality. The first series of hands-on practical workshops will be on 27th February 2015 & 8th March 2015 in Delhi & Surat respectively supported by DPInnovations, Colorjet & Xrite.

SPGPrints gives 'sneak preview' of new single-pass printing solution

SPGPrints has opened its doors to key customers for 'sneak' preview of its new single-pass digital textile printer, scheduled for launch at ITMA 2015 in Milan, next November. Over a two-week period visitors from around the world were able to view the prototype of the new 'Pike®' printer at the company's headquarters in Boxmeer, the Netherlands.

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