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Smart Bosch solutions for efficient energy systems

  • Intelligent networks for producing and storing electricity and heat
  • Connected energy solutions for industry, commerce, and households
  • Simple to operate and monitor with smartphone and tablet
  • Greater convenience, improved energy efficiency, lower costs

At Intersolar Europe 2015 in Munich, Bosch is presenting connected solutions that help industry, commerce, and households produce and store energy in a smart and efficient way. These solutions enhance convenience for users while saving them energy and money. Bosch provides a broad range of technology and service solutions: solar inverters, storage solutions, connected heating systems and heat pumps, smart thermostats, and CHPs.
Connected energy solutions for private households
Bosch is showcasing a way to optimize the use of solar power in the home: an intelligently networked energy system comprising an inverter and heat pump and managed with the e.Control unit. The heat pump, which runs on surplus electricity, takes heat from the ambient air, water, or the ground and converts it into power for heating or hot water. This combination of electric and thermal energy helps alleviate pressure on the power grid. An e.Key data card enables the contactless installation of Bosch's BPT-S string inverter – already certified for 12 countries –, making it easy to quickly get the solar energy system up and running. With the monitoring tools, users can call up and view the system's performance online at any time.
Bosch launches the innovative software e.Designer enabling the intelligent connection of PV system with inverters and storage systems: the intuitive program allows users to configure and calculate PV systems with Bosch inverters and battery storage systems as well as thermal storage solutions such as heat pumps in an optimum way. Based on an extensive module and location data base the e.Designer offers the possibility of an exact economics calculation.
At Intersolar, Bosch will also be demonstrating the networking of distributed energy production facilities with electromobility infrastructures. A smart combination of solar energy systems and charging stations for e-vehicles allows users to optimize consumption of the energy generated and to cut costs.
Smart wireless thermostat with intuitive touch control
The Bosch-owned brand Junkers is showcasing the Junkers Control, a black glass thermostat in a modern design with intuitive touch control. It allows users to set their desired room temperature at home easily and conveniently via smartphone. The thermostat is wi-fi-enabled, simple to install, and even factors in weather data sourced from the internet when making adjustments. Its away mode recognizes when occupants have left the house and automatically switches the heating to energy-saving mode. The Junkers Control is compatible with many Junkers gas devices.
Junkers will also be presenting the Supraeco SAO-2, a web-enabled air/water heat pump. The IP gateway necessary for the pump to communicate with the internet is integrated as standard. This means the heat pump will be quick to install and operate easily and conveniently via smartphone or tablet. It can also actively cool rooms down. With its inverter technology, the heat pump not only automatically adjusts to the current heating requirement, it is also 11 percent more efficient than its predecessor. The unit has an output of 8 kilowatts and can, for example, provide up to 4.2 kilowatt hours of heat energy using 1 kilowatt hour of electricity at an outdoor temperature of 2 degrees Celsius. Owing to its reduced electricity consumption, the system produces less CO2, although the exact ratios depend on the energy mix used to operate the pump.
Efficient CHP plants are good for the environment and cut costs
Environmentally friendly power generated by decentralized facilities is the key to improving energy efficiency. Bosch is presenting efficient CHP plants that cut costs and help protect the environment: they perform just as well as separate electricity and heat generation facilities while consuming less gas. This also cuts CO2 emissions. Bosch's compressed-air CHP plant helps reduce production costs for compressed air. The Master Energy Control (MEC) Remote by Bosch makes it possible to update the software, carry out remote diagnostics, and resolve malfunctions for CHP plants without a technician having to be on site.
Modular storage solutions for "green homes" and industry
Bosch's modular storage solutions optimize energy consumption for energy-efficient residential properties by combining solar energy systems and CHP plants. The company designs, develops, and builds storage units that are customized to each particular application. The units come in a range of sizes, all the way up to megawatt-hour systems. In commercial sectors, these systems also include applications for providing grid services. Bosch tailors the storage solution's capacity and electronics precisely to the customer's requirements; for example, designing a system for the energy network of a housing complex. The smart control of the battery system makes it possible to load and discharge the battery particularly efficiently, thereby extending the life of the battery and making the system more economical to operate.



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