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Leading smart label provider introduces groundbreaking initiatives with adidas and Wiliot that enable the digitalization of entire product lines, supply chains and customer experiences

Avery Dennison, the leading supplier of intelligent label solutions that combine the tactile with the digital, will be exhibiting at EuroShop, which takes place from 16 to 20 February at the Düsseldorf trade fair (Stand A42, Hall 6). The company will be presenting innovative digital labelling technologies that provide end-to-end supply chain networking, transparency and traceability for the apparel, food and cosmetics industries.
"We firmly believe that in the future it will be possible to create security and trust in a world of mass data by linking each product to a digital twin," said Francisco Melo, Vice President and General Manager, Intelligent Labels at Avery Dennison. "Each item is associated with an individual digital identity and digital life. This enables a networked supply chain from manufacturing to the end user."
In the following presentations the company will inform interested parties about its solutions:
"Omnichannel 2.0 - How Real Time RFID Data Unlocks New Possibilities for Consumer Convenience
Monday, 17 February, 15:40 - 16:00, Omnichannel Stage
Uwe Hennig, Director Market Development EMEA, Intelligent Labels at Avery Dennisson, meets Tsvetan Dimitrov, Director Business Solutions RFID at adidas. They will explain how the two companies are working together to use advanced RFID technologies to drive customer loyalty and deliver personalized customer experiences. They also share insights on the jointly developed solution that harnesses the power of end-to-end visibility.
"The Future of Customer Experience is Blue" (presentation language: English)
Wednesday, 19 February, 15:40 - 16:00 hrs, Retail Technology Stage
Björn Weber, Senior Consultant Digital Services at DLG TestService, receives Max Winograd, Senior Director, Digital ID and Ventures, at Avery Dennison and Steve Statler, Senior VP at Wiliot. Wiliot builds the first batteryless Bluetooth tags that extract energy from radio waves. During the presentation, they will discuss how this can become a "game changer" for retailers that will change the future of the consumer experience.
At the stand, Avery Dennison will take visitors on an interactive journey. Far-reaching vertical solutions will be presented - across the entire retail supply chain from manufacturing to consumer, within the apparel, cosmetics and food industries. There will be live demonstrations to learn more about Avery Dennison's JanelaTM platform for intelligent products. RFID-enabled inventory accuracy and visibility will also be demonstrated, and RFID-driven interactive screens will allow visitors to learn more about a product's origin and characteristics. Visitors can digitally explore the supply chain and gain insight into the impact of technology on sustainability. They can see how a networked supply chain builds consumer confidence, increases loyalty and enriches consumer encounters.
Avery Dennison's intelligent supply chain solution highlights
Avery Dennison is a world-leading technology provider of pressure-sensitive and functional materials and intelligent labelling solutions for the apparel, cosmetics and food industries. The company's holistic solutions increase the interconnectivity of the entire supply chain and promote transparency, traceability, sustainability and consumer confidence.
At EuroShop, Avery Dennison will show what its advanced technology can do for retailers.

Intelligent labeling solutions for the apparel industry allow all products to be labeled, creating the possibility of a truly networked supply chain from manufacturing to the buyer. The new Monarch® Pathfinder® 6059 handheld device enables mobile RFID coding, which means that employees can code and label items - including reductions - directly in the store using RFID to obtain real-time inventory counts. This allows retailers to sell their goods online at the same time (via Omni-Channel Store Fulfillment).
Since its introduction, the JanelaTM Smart Products Platform has pioneered the digitalization of customer loyalty, enabling retailers to track products throughout their entire lifecycle. At EuroShop 2020, retailers are increasingly looking at how they can integrate technology into the shopping experience while supporting brand lifestyle. JanelaTM not only provides powerful brand authentication and protection capabilities, but also allows retailers to be more sustainable as part of the closed loop economy. This helps consumers make informed and sustainable choices by providing information about origin, material details and care instructions to extend the life of a garment. Even places for donating or recycling discarded garments are recommended.
Avery Dennison Intelligent Food Industry Solutions has made the networked store a reality. Digital labelling technology links each item to its digital twin, enabling, for example, smooth payment of purchases with partners such as MishiPay. In this way, each article enriches the encounters with consumers.
Avery Dennison continues to set new standards in the food industry in terms of labour efficiency, food safety, traceability and consumer experience. To uniquely address the challenges throughout the food supply chain, IoT devices, applications, labels and services are combined to provide data in a digital and automated way. The new Avery Dennison Freshmarx Central System, available since early February, is a comprehensive back-of-house, Android OS data management and printing solution that enables a networked kitchen. The Freshmarx Prep software provides a feature-rich application for preparing labels in customised formats - with white space reduction and on-demand data manipulation during preparation - and is specifically designed for fast food restaurants and grocery stores.
The growing Freshmarx® brand offers a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions covering all areas:
● Food preparation and date coding;
● food donation and waste programs;
● RFID traceability across the supply chain;
● Time and task tracking;
● Self-checkout: The module is the fastest and safest way for self-checkout. It accepts multiple payment methods and allows RFID-enabled scanning and POS integration;
● Delivery (internal and/or third party): Customizable, brand-specific information including ingredients, timings and more.
In addition, Avery Dennison's WavesafeTM UHF RFID tags increase food safety for consumers while reducing food waste. The solution, which is also microwave-safe, enables accurate labelling of a wider range of products and access to traceability information. RFID labels have been proven to increase inventory accuracy to 99% and reduce waste by about 20%. They give retailers better control over products in the supply chain and in-store, improve efficiency and ensure that products are as fresh as possible when they reach the consumer.

The cosmetics industry faces many challenges in ensuring inventory accuracy: high SKU count, low SKU width and high shrinkage caused by both theft and obsolete products. In fact, inventory accuracy is much lower than the apparel industry, at 30-70%. RFID implementation is an industry-wide solution as it can provide 98% accuracy. At EuroShop, Avery Dennison will demonstrate how this can be easily and effectively achieved using the company's RFID inlays in liquid and metallic form, which provide granular visibility at every stage of the supply chain and in-store.
Cosmetics retail stores continue to be critical to customer loyalty and in fact are increasing online sales by 45%, according to the latest statistics (CEW, 2019). At EuroShop, Avery Dennison will also present an interactive Nordic ID screen that reads each product to provide detailed product information and show catwalk inspired make-up looks.



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