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ILFORD Japan expands its Monochrome Printing Solutions with Silverchrome Chemicals

ILFORD Japan expands its Monochrome Printing Solutions with Silverchrome Chemicals

ILFORD Japan, after its Platinum Palladium Process coating and processing chemicals, is now introducing other black and white chemicals, mainly for paper and to some extent for the negative process. Ilford plans to expand this unique portfolio in the second half of the year.
Detailed information on the individual Chemicals
"Silverchrome Black & White Paper Developer" is a liquid concentrate dimezone-s/hydroquinone developer suitable for developing black and white photographic papers in trays for both resin coated (RC) and traditional fibre based (FB) papers. Neutral imagine tones achievable with most papers.
"Silverchrome Black & White Film and Paper Stop Bath" is suitable for all black and white photographic films and papers. It is recommended that films and papers are rinsed in an acid stop bath immediately to neutralize the developer to help to maintain the activity of the fixer bath process.
"Silverchrome Black & White Film and Paper Fixeris a non-hardening rapid fixer for black & white films and papers. It is supplied as a liquid concentrate that is diluted with water for use.
"Silverchrome black and white washing aid" is a thiosulfate eliminator. It can be used to aid the rapid washing of all black and white films and fibre base papers, saving both water and time.
"Silverchrome Black & White Film Wetting Agent" is a non-ionic wetting agent for photographic films. It is used as a final rinse before drying films. Use to reduce the risk of drying marks being formed on the film.


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