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Off the roll? Stack it up

Once removed from the packaging, the storage of rolls is often a problem: weight, space and lack of protection often make them difficult to handle. Stock & Roll offers suitable solutions

Whether wall-mounted or mobile, the French company's range of products makes it possible to store even large-format rolls conveniently and still keep them easily accessible. With the help of high-performance wheels, up to six castors with a maximum weight of 2,000 kilograms can be moved effortlessly over almost any floor covering to the place of use and put away after use. Thanks to the patented restraint system, castors are safely stored.
Stock & Roll: quickly on the spot with trolleys
On the 'Stock & Roll trolley' six rolls of adhesive foil or banner material with a maximum width of 160 cm and a total height of 185 cm can be brought from A to B. The trolley has a low centre of gravity and can be pushed over almost any floor covering. This makes work much easier: a single person can move it easily. Another variant for space-saving roll storage is the 'Grand Stock & Roll'. Thanks to splitters, there is room for 18 rolls with a maximum total height of 235 cm.
Podium, the space-saving system
With the modular 'podium' solution, many LFP rolls can be stored conveniently and easily accessible. Modules in this range, for example, provide space for six rolls of different sizes with a maximum width of 160 cm. Splitters can be used to store up to 18 rolls with a maximum width of 160 cm and even 36 rolls with a maximum width of 62 cm. This allows the storage capacity for smaller rolls to be doubled and tripled. At the same time, the media rolls are stored safely and cleanly.
Buddy Roll for heavyweights
The 'Buddy Roll Trolley' moves up to six rolls of up to five metres wide with a maximum weight of 2,000 kilograms. The size and number of rolls can be tailored to individual requirements. Whether as a single item, in pairs and with one, three or five holders - the equipment can be selected flexibly.
Easier to unroll
Depending on the roll size, the company offers two types of holders with a diameter of 25 cm or 50 cm. Rolls can be easily unrolled and rolled up in this way.
The unrolling rollers can be placed on the Buddy Roll or on a flat surface. Depending on the size of your rolls, you will need two or three unrolling rollers.
The ergonomic solutions of Stock & Roll are manufactured in France. The company offers up to five years warranty.


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