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High-Temperature Resistant Thermosetting Polyimide (PI-s)

Daelim Co., Ltd. of Korea cooperates with BIEGLO GmbH for the sales of their extraordinary series of Polyimide ‘PLAVIS S’ - an excellent addition to BIEGLO’s PI-s portfolio
BIEGLO GmbH specialises in ‘POLYIMIDES’ and is renowned for its product solutions, marketing and distribution of High-Performance Polymers.

Committed to its long-term developments of technical raw-materials and shapes, BIEGLO has nurtured relationships with some of the most reliable polymer producers of the world. Today, BIEGLO is happy to announce its expansion into a new product-group of High-temperature resistant Thermosetting Polyimides with DAELIM‘s PLAVIS ‘S’ series portfolio that surpasses the properties of the traditional PI grades in heat-resistance and mechanical properties.
Thermosetting polyimides, PI-s are the highest temperature resistant polymers commercially available. PLAVIS ‘S’ of Daelim Co., Ltd. presents a portfolio of aromatic polyimides with improved resistance to heat, wear, mechanical abrasion, radiation, and chemicals. Thanks to its improved properties, PLAVIS ‘S’ can be used in the most challenging and advanced applications in mechanical, electrical/electronics, chemicals, automobiles, space and aviation. The DaelimPlavis Polyimide S-series has an operating temperature of 350°C.
Daelim Co., Ltd. of Korea specializes in providing petrochemicals, marine logistics, construction information, IT services, development work, by realizing continued growth and differentiated customer value. Daelim is highly experienced in creating customer-oriented value. It is a company that produces and sells polyimide products which are high-functional plastic materials and engages in the sale of chemicals and polymers at home and abroad.
BIEGLO offers a unique proposition of High-Performance Polymers, especially PEEK (polyetheretherketone), general thermosetting Polyimides like ‘MELDIN® 7000-Series’ from Saint- Gobain and thermoplastic Polyimide (TPI) ‘AURUM®’ from Mitsui Chemicals. Moreover, natural PI- s powders and granules, Polyimide films, rods & sheets, compounds, as well as recycled PI-s and finished PI-s parts are also available. BIEGLO is also acknowledged in the plastics industry for their PEEK shapes, PAI (polyamideimide) and PBI (Polybenzimidazole).


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