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A range of UPM’s recyclable packaging papers are now certified industrially compostable

Seven UPM packaging papers are now proven to be industrially compostable, marking another step on UPM Specialty Papers’ sustainability journey.
UPM Specialty Papers’ packaging materials are designed to be recycled into new paper products. In a perfect world, all paper would be recycled; however, when recycling is not an option, compostability of the packaging material gives an alternative to ensure a sustainable end of life of the packaging. Compostability is also one form of recycling, where organic material and minerals are returned to the soil.

Seven packaging papers have recently been certified as industrially compostable, according to the EN13432 standard:
Barrier papers: UPM PregoTM, UPM AsendoTM
Coated one side papers: UPM FlexPackTM, UPM UniquePackTM, UPM UniquePackTM Strong
Specialty kraft papers: UPM SolideTM Lucent
The new compostability certification gives fibre-based packaging an edge compared to fossil-based packaging. While it is estimated that fossil-based materials typically take hundreds of years to decompose, fibre-based materials may turn into soil within weeks.
EN13432 standard requires that an industrially compostable material turns into fertile soil, biodegrades in less than 6 months, and disintegrates in less than 12 weeks in the temperature of 58°C ± 2°C.
“Compostability is something that consumers, brand owners and converters highly appreciate”, Dirk Ryckaert, Sales Director at UPM Specialty Papers, points out.
“In some cases where recycling of a packaging is not possible, it is valued to have another certified and sustainable way to dispose of the material,” he says.
Fibre-based and recyclable packaging solutions from UPM Specialty Papers are a highly sustainable choice for food and non-food packaging. Renewable raw materials and recyclable products advance the transition to a circular bioeconomy, and our solutions respond for their part to global sustainability challenges.
“From responsibly managed forests – the basis for our business – we produce high-performing fibre-based packaging solutions. Our papers are fully recyclable in existing fibre recycling streams, and now proven industrially compostable as well. Our aim is to always ensure a sustainable product end of life,” states Susanna Hyrkäs, Sustainability Manager at UPM Specialty Papers.



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