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Success with Automation

Increasingly smaller print runs mean that production lines have to be changed over frequently. In order to ensure efficient production, automated changeover processes are needed. Hunkeler AG organized and held the Innovationdays 2019 event under the motto “Success with Automation”.

In paper processing, the orders being placed are featuring increasingly smaller print runs. Production cycles are becoming shorter, which means that the production lines have to be changed over frequently. Efficient production can only be achieved if the changeover processes are carried out automatically when the order is switched over, without the operator having to intervene manually.
Under the motto “Success with Automation”, Hunkeler AG used the platform of Innovationdays 2019 to demonstrate how productivity can be increased with a fully automatic order switchover system. The use of this system means that operators no longer have to do anything to effect an order switchover.

Fully automatic production changeover (technology study)
On one of the new Generation-8-series production lines (roll-to-sheet), Hunkeler AG showcased fully automatic job switchovers between 2-up (double-up) and 3-up (triple-up) processing during production (with a web speed of 180 meters per minute). Another demonstration was held, showing how a changeover is carried out from a DIN A4 format to a DIN A5 format in the production of a book. In the CS8 cutter, the longitudinal cutting blades and the side lays were adjusted in a motor-driven process, i.e. engaged and disengaged. The variable cross-cutting function was carried out through the dynamic controlling of the cross-cutting cylinder using the DynaCut function.
The job switchover in the separation module was likewise controlled dynamically. In addition to the changeover from 2-up to 3-up mode, the system also laterally transferred the individual jobs (offset transfer) into a stack.
The final step saw the LS8 stacking module carry out a changeover from 2-up to 3-up output as well as the fully automatic changeover of the lays to meet the changing format lengths
The Gen8 production line presented was part of a technology study. The job switchover process was controlled via a data matrix code that was printed on the paper web. Using the information stored in the code, the Hunkeler Workflow Manager (HWM) transmitted the job parameters to the line control module in real time. The process can also be controlled via the Job Definition Format (JDF), as an alternative to the data matrix.

Book block production with variable formats and numbers of pages
A high-performance book production line with a PF7 double plow folder as well as a Flyfolder line were also integrated into a fully automatic workflow.
On the high-performance line, Hunkeler AG demonstrated the production of book blocks with four-, six- and eight-page signatures. In the cutter, the DynaCut function allowed for format lengths to be dynamically changed from one book block to the next. The line was designed for an output of up to 3,350 book blocks per hour in DIN A5 format with 96 pages.
The Flyfolder line – for production from print run 1 – processed a paper web for books blacks with variable numbers of pages and formats. The number of pages for each of the signatures changed from four to six pages during production (on the fly), and the changing format lengths of the book blocks were also dynamically controlled.

Changing perforation patterns in the DP8
Using a Gen8 combi line, Hunkeler AG produced a mailing product with coupons and a reply card included. Thanks to the dynamically controlled vertical and horizontal perforation function of the Dynamic Perforator DP8, the perforation pattern was able to be changed from one copy to the next.
The DP8 combines punching and perforation functions with the quality and content control functions in one component via the WI8 Web Inspection System. In the basic version, it can be equipped with a tool of choice and expanded with up to four horizontal and eight vertical perforating tools, plus punching tool for die punching and file hole punching.

Significant increase in productivity thanks to on-the-fly roll changes
As part of Innovationdays 2019, Hunkeler AG presented the world’s first system for on-the-fly roll changes. A roll of blank paper web was changed using an RS8 non-stop roll splicer unwinder, while the printed rolls were changed using the TR8 non-stop turret rewinder.
On-the-fly roll changes can be carried out at web speeds of up to 250 meters per minute as well as with paper weights ranging from 50 to 300 grams per square meter. Depending on the paper weight, productivity can be increased by 30% in comparison with a manual changeover. As with the fully automatic changeover of the production line, on-the-fly roll changes are ideal for short print runs and the frequent order changes that these runs entail.

WI8: 50 different page layouts with up to 20 test windows each
The W8 web inspection system supports automatic production and is able to monitor the quality of 50 different page layouts, each with 20 different test windows, during production. The test windows can be freely defined and can include codes, lines, text, images, logos and other elements, as well as combinations of these elements.



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