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Market Consultive installs Kornit solution

My name is Apo Svalley. I am the founder of Market Consultive GmbH. We have been producing textiles since 2020 and today I will show you the production. In 2017, I started with e-commerce shops, with textile online shops, to be precise.
Success came pretty quickly, and I started sharing my knowledge on YouTube. This attracted quite a lot of viewers and thousands, if not tens of thousands of viewers and through this strong community I had the business idea of Marketprint.

Being an E Commerce myself, I know exactly what it takes to choose the right printer. The problems that currently exist on the market and how I can counteract them. And that's how the idea of Market Print came about. In 2020 we bought three small printers and placed them in 200 square metres of production.
The success came quickly in the process. Through the strong community and through the success of our customers, we were able to buy our first two Kornit solutions within a few months. These were Kornit Avalanche HD6 machines at the time. And then we upgraded to a Kornit Atlas MAX solution. And now we are thinking about getting another system.
What makes our company so successful is that we look after every single customer who prints with us. This means that we have a combination between a management consultancy and a print on demand software solution or printer. The secret to our success is quite simple. We have created a win-win concept. Firstly, because we advise our customers, we do everything we can to ensure that they make sales in our consultancy and number two, they use our Marketprint software solution and have all their goods printed by us. Conversely, this simply means the success of our customers. That is also our success.
I started my entire production in June 2020 and began printing with Epson systems. In the end, there were three shirt systems in a row, still in the old production. We moved. I bought the new Epson machine, so there were already four lines. But the growth was so big that we just didn't want to put more Epsons in there and now we wanted to upgrade to the Kornit. The funny thing was, we were already talking to Kornit about the equipment during the first production run. I would never have fit through the door.
I don't know why we had this conversation. But it was during the second production that we decided to get two Kornit Avalanche HD6 systems, after about 6 to 7 months in business. That was the beginning with Kornit. At that point, Kornit supported me very, very strongly, which I feel is very good and very good to this day and I'm very grateful. And at that time our business relationship, so in year two 2021, started in the beginning 2021 with Kornit.
The following year we bought another system again. That was the Kornit Atlas MAX machine. The Avalanche machine was pretty good, no question, but with the quality of the Kornit Atlas MAX. It's just insane. I mean the speed, the output, wash resistance, the whole thing, the whole package is just insane.
In addition, in the same step last year we adapted textiles to the Kornit Atlas MAX system and designed our own basic line and our own oversize lines. And what we are doing now is printing on the fabric that is adapted to the Kornit machine with the Atlas MAX. The result is high quality, and the market has not seen this before. What we are doing now. We are also servicing the umbrella region completely Europe and one of the next goals is also to deliver to America through the Kornit network.
That means we are looking for partner printers in America and we will also publish our software in the American market and secure a market share there. The advantage of the equipment is very, very clear. We managed the move here within 48 hours.
The systems are easy to install. Then, in my opinion, the move to America will be very, very easy. The software is already in place, which means we can install the machines or an existing Kornit Atlas MAX machine in America and then go into production within a few hours or days. We are also pursuing a very, very big goal, which is to establish brands in Germany, to make them grow and thus to conquer the market.
With the new technology, we can print really good quality on really good basics and thus challenge the status quo in Germany. We no longer must import fashion from abroad to sell, but we can create it ourselves here at home, in Germany, and sell it to the German market. That is one of our biggest goals, to strive for innovation in this print on demand market and to show obsolete companies new ways of doing things.
What I really like about Kornit is that they have a complete focus, a laser focus on textiles and textile printing. So DTG printing. And I have the feeling that everything is being done to change and improve the technology in DTG printing.
And I have the feeling that everything is done to change and improve the technology in the DTG area, to create new possibilities day by day, to explore and to go hand in hand from partner to partner in the right direction.
I founded the Consult GmbH brand in 2020. At that time still in a small production, I say. Many people said that it was a garage production with over 150 square metres. That's where I ordered my first systems, that's where I set up my first systems. And today, three years later, we produce on over 2000 square metres.
I started with eCommerce in 2017. It became clear quickly that I wanted to sell T-shirts, so I started selling all my textiles online. My success came rapidly. That is, within a few months or 1 to 2 years I had big brands, pretty big textile brands and lived off the brands. But in year two 2019, at the end of 2019, I thought to myself, I must start the next bigger project and that was the starting signal for Marketprint.
At that time, I lived in Munich, the Maxvorstadt, and ordered my first three printers there, still from the Epson brand, and then had them delivered to Kaufbeuren. The office or production in Kaufbeuren was about 150 square metres, which is why it was often called garage production. Three years later, we now produce on over 2000 square metres.
We have our own Blank brand, and we look after many, many fashion brands in the field of e-commerce.




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