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HP Delivers Expanded, Faster, More Cost-effective Big Data Analytics

HP Vertica Dragline features enhanced technology and rich, specialized analytics

HP today announced the next release of the HP Vertica Analytics Platform—HP Vertica Dragline—providing organizations new and innovative ways to serve, explore and store more data in a faster and more cost-effective way to more users.

Organizations are increasingly recognizing data as a highly strategic asset, but are struggling to maximize the value for all constituents. For many, personalized access and performance demands create workload management challenges for users ranging from analysts who seek ad-hoc insights to data scientists who manage complex analytics and executives who need customized views. To maximize time to value and a lower total cost of ownership, these organizations also need to quickly explore data to unearth untapped value and store that data in the most appropriate storage tier.

HP Vertica Dragline addresses these challenges and now offers:

Technology from HP's "Project Maverick," including Live Lookups, which greatly enhances the speed and performance of more frequent or highly concurrent queries on an individual basis by computing metrics on the data as it arrives for targeted and personalized analytics. HP Dynamic Workload Management identifies and adapts to varying query complexities—simple and ad-hoc queries as well as longer-running advanced queries—and dynamically assigns the appropriate amount of resources to meet the needs of data consumers.

Expanded SQL-on-Hadoop exploration and cost-optimized storage eliminates the need to move data and supports even more formats for data exploration, including Parquet, Thrift, Avro and CEF. Businesses can now ingest, explore and visualize more data more quickly and easily with their choice of Business Intelligence/data visualization environments. To fulfill their strategic information life cycle management (ILM) plan, organizations can now use multiple storage tiers in a cost-effective manner—store older and infrequently analyzed production bulk data in Hadoop, without moving the data or using any connectors.

Broad, Specialized Analytics, building on rich, in-database analytics, HP Vertica Dragline now includes a new sentiment analysis engine for tweets or any short pieces of freeform text as well as geospatial analytic enhancements. By combining sentiment and location data with business data, organizations can quickly understand how their online communities feel about a particular brand, product or service.

Text Search enables search-based analytics on a range of text data, including machine logs and sentiment analysis of short text, such as tweets or product reviews.

HP Vertica Dragline supports the analytics required to address the several challenges and opportunities, including:

Increase market share and enable competitive differentiation by providing analytics for utilities and energy companies to pursue smart meter initiatives, educating customers on consumption rates and how to ultimately lower energy costs, and telecommunications companies to provide personalized billing service as required by law in some countries.

Preserve hardware and system resources for analysts, report writers and data scientists, who can now manage the mixed workloads with dynamic resource management, achieving an overall lower total cost of ownership.

Predict and prevent customer churn through rich social media sentiment analysis, identifying customers who are dissatisfied and proactively offer specialized promotions on a 1:1 basis.

Deliver personalized marketing with geo-precise target advertisements by combining big data with location data. Now, retailers can target the most relevant customers by combining location with brand affinities, consumer passion points and dynamic mobile behavior.

"Our goal continues to be maximizing the value of every organization's most strategic asset—its data," said Colin Mahony, vice president and general manager, Vertica, HP. "HP Vertica Dragline lets organizations store data in a cost-optimized manner, exploring it quickly and effectively using well-known SQL-based tools, and, most importantly, providing the customer insights and operational advantages to everyone with blazing-fast speed, accuracy and security."

The HP Vertica Analytics Platform is a key component of the HP HAVEn Big Data analytics platform, which enables HP customers and partners to create next-generation applications and solutions that accelerate the monetization of big data. HP HAVEn combines proven technologies including HP Autonomy IDOL,HP Vertica Analytics Platform, HP ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager and HP ArcSight Logger, as well as key industry offerings such as Hadoop.


HP Vertica Dragline will be generally available worldwide soon.



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