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Treston Spreading Climate Awareness with Woodly’s Help

Making a change in any industry always holds challenges, especially if you are the first at it. Luckily sometimes change can happen effortlessly when the task at hand is done under the right circumstances.

The collaboration between Treston and Woodly, and the launch of Treston’s BiOX shelf bins have created promising opportunities for the future. The world’s leading ergonomic workstation manufacturer is changing the workstation industry with Woodly’s help by introducing more bio-based products to the market.
“The Treston BiOX shelf bin launch was exciting. Launching as the first in the world an environmentally friendly storage product for industrial customers has been an honour. We are leading the way and I believe there will be many following this example,” says Minna Lyyra, Treston’s Director of Marketing.
Surprises and amazement
Treston’s BiOX shelf bin is the first of its kind, combining innovation, wood-based materials and sustainability. At first glance, Lyyra was positively surprised by the look and feel of this bio-based product.
“Truly I was amazed to see and touch the end-product. The bin looked like plastic and felt like plastic but is made of wood-based material. The transparent bin dividers, which are from Woodly®, are especially interesting – how can a wood produce us something transparent plastic-like material,” comments Lyyra.
Indeed, Treston’s new BiOX shelf bins have caused amazement not just at Treston’s offices but among clients as well. The feedback so far indicates clear signs of rising climate awareness.
“One customer ordered the bins right away when they were available without even seeing them. Environmentally friendly products are really creating interest. Many customers have also asked about recyclability and if we have different colors available. “Yes”, it is possible to be recycled ready and “yes”, any color is possible. We just wanted to launch it as ‘forest green’ to highlight the message about where the source material comes from,” explains Lyyra.
Carbon jargon?
Climate-related terms have been making their way to our vocabulary list for quite some time now and understandably it’s not all easy to comprehend. Recyclable bioplastics is a term that technically is important in this instance.
“It definitely can be a head-scratcher, that’s why we’ve just published a blog post about what bioplastic means. For example, it does not mean it is automatically biodegradable,” adds Lyyra.
Woodly® material due to being bio-based and made from wood cellulose is a recyclable bioplastic material. Other recyclable biomaterials exist as well but with Woodly, the main component, cellulose polymer, comes from sustainably managed forests.
As the unique Woodly® material is versatile and suitable for numerous applications, the collaboration between Woodly and Treston is set to introduce possibly a variety of wood-based products to the market.
“I am looking forward to continuing the collaboration and testing how the Woodly® material can be used in many other product lines of Treston,” Lyyra concludes.



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