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Arkema, Nexoon, 5M, and IRT M2P join forces to work on a project involving factory-manufactured modular constructions made from Elium® resin

Arkema, Nexoon, 5M, and IRT M2P join forces to develop a new concept for factory-manufactured “custom” constructions. Each partner will contribute its expertise and know-how in order to validate this innovative construction concept aimed at meeting the needs of individual or collective, high-end or social, housing and also commercial or industrial buildings.

The project designed and managed for many years by Nexoon, consists in the development of all types of construction using prefabricated composites. It also provides for the creation of three prototype houses, assembled in accordance with a highly innovative system developed by Nexoon.

This innovative composite construction concept meets market demand for more sustainable construction. It will promote building construction in areas where access to traditional construction materials, such as sand, cement and wood, is difficult. Also capable of being disassembled and transported, these constructions can be set up again in other areas.

In Europe, this innovative and high-quality construction method is aimed at a market for individual homes, buildings, public buildings, or other buildings, architecturally in line with increasingly demanding environmental requirements.

In emerging countries, the concept aims to meet the high demand for social housing that can be assembled in 24 hours in non-polluting worksite conditions and without any heavy labour. The materials defined in this framework are part of a circular economy approach, with regard to recyclability, while adhering to the applicable standards and regulations for construction.

Elium® thermoplastic resin, a product of Arkema’s research, was selected for the manufacture of composite elements due to its unique properties, combining technical performance with polymer recyclability. Reinforced with glass fibers, this resin has mechanical characteristics that comply with construction normative requirements; it is also weatherproof, resistant to UV radiation and fire resistant. Its special characteristic, in comparison to other resins used in composites, is that it is 100% recyclable. Thus, at the end of their life, the composite elements can be recycled either mechanically or chemically.



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