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Embracing the Power of Community: A Bright Future for the Print Industry

In the ever-evolving landscape of the print industry, thriving communities of print professionals are helping to shape the positive future of print. As executive director of Dscoop, I've had a front-row seat to the power and joy of community connection and collaboration. Every day, in every global region, there are digital print industry innovators who want to do more than just advance their companies and their customers. They want to advance the industry, and to spread print's remarkable impact on the world.

We are not alone, and it's inspiring to me every time I hear about a large or small print community forming or growing. There's real value anytime a participant gains access to new strategies, tools, connections and business opportunities. The print world is about to see and feel that amazing spirit of community and advancement at drupa.
A Haven of Knowledge, Collaboration and Inspiration
The pace of change in today's world has never been more rapid, and the need to network and communicate in the inter-connected global economy has never been more important.
Within the print community today, like-minded individuals are gathering to share triumphs and challenges, exchanging valuable insights and best practices. The community becomes a catalyst for personal and professional growth, where seasoned professionals become mentors, guiding and nurturing the next generation of print industry leaders.
At the same time, novices have the opportunity to learn from the masters, honing their skills and expanding their horizons. Together, they create a language that combines technical expertise, creative finesse and a deep understanding of the print process.
The Benefits of a Print Industry Ecosystem
Being part of a print industry community like Dscoop, drupa and others opens up countless advantages.
Access to a vast pool of talent and resources means new opportunities and collaborations. Staying updated with the latest trends, technologies and market shifts keeps businesses at the forefront of the industry. And company leaders get access to a network of colleagues who understand their journey. It takes one text or phone call to another trusted member of the network, and instantly there's insight into a challenge or progress toward a solution.
However, perhaps the greatest benefit is the sense of belonging and shared purpose. The print community is a testament to the enduring legacy of the industry, a place where progress and innovation are nurtured.
The Grand Celebration of Print: drupa
The pinnacle of the print industry's collective spirit is the world-renowned print show called drupa. Held every four years, this grand exhibition brings together print professionals from every corner of the globe.
At drupa, printers witness the marvels of cutting-edge technology and the limitless possibilities of print. They absorb insights from industry experts, marvel at mesmerizing machinery, and forge connections with potential collaborators and clients. The event is a true celebration of the vibrant print community, where ideas collide and partnerships form.
5 Moves We All Can Make
The first couple years of this decade were about adapting — to changing market dynamics and a global pandemic. Together as an industry, let's make the next couple years about advancing. With a sense of community as our guide, let's accelerate and innovate in new ways for our clients.
Here are five steps printers can take:
Actively participate and engage in knowledge-sharing communities, both online and in-person. Find a group close to you. This can be a specific community or group like Dscoop or Finat, or more general like drupa.
Share your expertise, ask questions and learn from others.
Seek out networking opportunities at trade shows, conferences and local meetups to explore collaborative projects and partnerships.
Engage in conversations, share your ideas and embrace the power of collaboration.
Leverage the support system within the community by joining associations, participating in mentorship programs and offering assistance to fellow professionals.
As print professionals, we have an incredible ability and responsibility to make a difference to customers. We have inspiring technology. We have talented people. We have infectious energy.
Let's make sure we also have each other.



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