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Lubricate sustainably without lithium

Zeller+Gmelin presents a multi-purpose grease based on a novel calcium hybrid

Lubricant manufacturer Zeller+Gmelin is consistently expanding its product range to include sustainable and resource-saving alternatives. This particularly applies to lubricating greases that contain the highly sought-after, non-renewable raw material lithium hydroxide. This is now being replaced by a calcium hybrid thickener specially developed in the Zeller+Gmelin laboratories. The new Divinol Multipurpose Grease 2 Li-free is not only impressive in terms of sustainability.

Lithium hydroxide is one of the key raw materials for the global battery industry and could become available in ever smaller quantities in the future. As a sustainability-oriented company, Zeller+Gmelin therefore sees it as its responsibility to increase the proportion of resource-saving lubricating greases. Last but not least, this is in the interests of the customers and corresponds to the current requirements of industry and commerce. "In times like these, our customers want more security in the supply chain - that is, less dependence on the international raw materials market and short delivery routes within Europe instead", says Christian Stapper, product manager for lubricating greases at Zeller+Gmelin. "In addition, the topic of sustainability has long since arrived in our target sectors such as the roller bearing industry. For them, we are increasingly researching high-performance lubricating greases based on alternative raw materials and lithium-free thickening technologies."
In order to develop competitive product alternatives to lithium greases, the proven calcium 12-hydroxystearate was thoroughly examined in the Zeller+Gmelin laboratories for possible optimization approaches. The lubricant developers have identified a new type of calcium hybrid thickener which has technically equivalent properties. According to the manufacturer, the greases thickened with it have similar characteristics to the well-known lithium greases.
Thermally stable and easy to integrate into existing roller bearing applications
The result of the latest development work is the new Divinol Multipurpose Grease 2 Li-free. This lithium-free, multi-purpose grease provides reliable protection against wear and corrosion as well as excellent water and oxidation resistance. With a temperature range of -30 to +120 °C, it is ideal for the lubrication of roller and plain bearings in various applications such as machines, fans, pumps, presses and calendars. Another significant advantage is the compatibility with existing Zeller+Gmelin lubricating greases, which should enable a smooth transition for users.
Christian Stapper concludes: "The development of the calcium hybrid thickener represents a significant advance in our lubricating grease technology. The resulting new generation of lubricating grease not only offers similar performance properties to products containing lithium soap, but also represents a sustainable and resource-saving alternative for our customers. The problem-free mixing with existing lubricating greases also makes the transition much easier for users and thus enables seamless integration into existing applications."



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