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Expanded production capacities

Celina Tent has massively expanded its production capacities with two new Zünd G3 cutters.

The American company Celina Tent, founded in 1996, is today one of the world's leading manufacturers of tents. On an area of about 4000 m2, 81 employees produce high-quality party tents as well as tents for aid organisations and for the army. Celina Tent produces the tents completely in-house, from printing and cutting to sewing and welding. However, with the increasing demand, the existing cutting systems of another supplier reached their capacity limits. The specifications for the evaluation of new cutters were clearly defined: they had to be able to process large, heavy textile rolls and maintain the tightest tolerances even with 30 m long fabric webs. In addition, the new cutters had to detect digitally pre-printed textiles via freely definable register marks and reliably mark cut parts using an inkjet printing system. The cutting systems from Zünd met these requirements without exception. Since 2015, Celina Tent has been using two Zünd G3 cutters, a 3XL-3200 and an XL-3200, for cutting.
Impressively precise
One of the biggest challenges for Celina Tent is to process long textile webs without distortion. Even with 6 m long webs, the textile can warp by up to 2 cm. In the past, this meant that the cutting data had to be adjusted accordingly. "Since we have been processing the fabric webs with the Zünd G3 Cutters with Zünd Cut Center - ZCC, we have not had to compensate for material distortion on a single order. The lengths entered are adhered to exactly," explains Gabe Lehman, Technical Manager. "The precision of the Zünd G3 cutters is very impressive". The two Zünd G3 cutters are equipped with centre winders. The driven systems can feed roll materials up to 100 kg without folds or distortion. For lighter rolls, the centre winders can also be used as passive unwind units.
New possibilities with the Ink Jet Tool - IJT
With the Ink Jet Tool - IJT, Celina uses a marking system that has revolutionised the production process, Lehman emphasises: "With the IJT, we can print barcodes, batch numbers, logos, etc. at short notice and during the cutting process. This saves a separate printing pass and massively simplifies the subsequent sorting of the cut parts." The Ink Jet Tool - IJT requires very little maintenance and is therefore ideally suited for use in shift operations.



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