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Augmented Reality thanks to FOTOBODEN

In the exhibition "Cylinder & Bots" by the Düsseldorf artist duo Banz & Bowinkel, which was presented in Berlin until the end of June, Augmented Reality (AR) forms the focal point: it connects real space with computer-generated avatars that meet in several animated situations. The avatars, developed by the two artists in collaboration with the "Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin", show various performances. The floor plays an important role in this staging: Vinyl prints on the floor serve as markers on which the figures, which are only visible through the AR application, follow different choreographies and orient themselves within them. "The photo floors serve as markers or trackers for the augmentation, which means that the app developed by Banz & Bowinkel recognizes the pattern and interactively inserts the avatars and bots onto it," explains Giulia Bowinkel.

The vinyl prints of the exhibition are from FOTOBODEN™. "We were looking for a floor covering that would meet the technical challenge of our idea and be photorealistically printable," says Bowinkel. "During our research, we came across FOTOBODEN™ and ordered various samples. After the delivery it was clear: "With it we can realize our idea." With this extraordinary application in the exhibition area, the product from visuals united AG underlines its importance for the art scene. Already in countless museums and galleries the individually printable vinyl floor could create expressive stagings in the whole room. While before FOTOBODEN™ there were only very limited possibilities to include the floor covering in exhibitions, this has changed thanks to the invention of the new floor covering: Now there is an excellent opportunity to include the floor creatively and sensibly in the exhibition concept. FOTOBODEN™ allows the photorealistic and detailed creation of texts, graphics, photos or drawings. In the meantime, the floor covering is also frequently used as a signpost through an exhibition that leads the visitor through the rooms and gives explanations on the individual works. Thanks to FOTOBODEN™, it is possible with simple means to create an individual and extraordinary world of its own for each exhibition and thus awaken very different emotions.
The certified material properties are also ideal for all areas of application, whether for short or long-term use. Even when subjected to heavy use by thousands of visitors, it shows very little wear and tear and can even be reused. FOTOBODEN™ is manufactured in tracks up to 4m wide with the maximum industrial service class 43. Due to its special material properties, it can easily be laid on existing floors, glued for longer planned campaigns and later removed without leaving any residue.

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