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WoodWing Connect - introducing WoodWing Studio and Assets

We are delighted to launch the next iterations in our Content Orchestration solutions - WoodWing Assets and WoodWing Studio.
These are the newest versions of our existing key products, Elvis DAM and Enterprise Aurora. WoodWing Assets is a scalable, flexible, Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, and WoodWing Studio a content creation, workflow, and publishing solution.

The simpler and clearer names and new uniform branding are a step forward in terms of bringing our key products closer together, and make it easier for customers and prospects to understand the value proposition of each product.
About WoodWing Assets
As mentioned above, WoodWing Assets is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that helps you organize, manage, and find your images and other files. It features tight integrations with Adobe products, including InDesign and Photoshop, which allows users to edit layouts and images directly and sync to Assets. Furthermore, it makes use of the latest technology, including flexible REST and Webhooks APIs to integrate with your existing tools, Elasticsearch, and enterprise-grade security including support for single sign-on. WoodWing Assets is relied on by marketing teams and publishers worldwide to store, manage, collaborate on, and share digital files internally and externally. Find out more
About WoodWing Studio
WoodWing Studio is an end-to-end solution for content creation, workflow, and multichannel publishing, designed to enable teams to take a content-first approach to storytelling. Articles or stories are created in Studio, and configurable pre-defined workflows ensure the approval process is smooth and fast. Once a story is approved, Studio enables content teams to adapt the look and feel of your story and publish to any print or digital channel. Like Assets, Studio is tightly integrated with a range of tools for planning, project and content management, SEO, and others, including Adobe InDesign and InCopy.
How WoodWing Assets and Studio help with Content Orchestration
For marketing teams and publishers alike, the technology landscape is becoming ever-more cluttered. Chiefmartec’s annual marketing technology supergraphic has 8,000 vendors, up from 150 in 2011. At the same time, channels are fragmenting. A channel could be a new format or language in print, or a new language on your website, a new app or social media platform. Expanding to new markets often automatically opens up new channels. These trends often lead to teams having multiple unconnected tools and undefined workflows, leading to slower time to market, lost assets, and ultimately lower revenue.
Content Orchestration is the solution to this - a state in which tools are seamlessly integrated, and working with one another, combined with strong workflow management, training, and organization. WoodWing Assets and Studio sit at the heart of your Content Orchestration efforts, integrating with the tools you use and enabling you to create, manage workflow, and publish to any channel from within a central solution. Read more about Content Orchestration here.
“We are focused on building our products for the long term, with the goal of making it easier for brands and publishers to overcome the technical and workflow challenges around storytelling,” said Tom Pijsel, Senior Product Manager at WoodWing. “This rebranding of our products is in line with our vision for WoodWing to be the Content Orchestration platform that sits at the heart of brands’ and publishers’ storytelling processes.”


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