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Europe casts its nets outwards

Pushing the pace – that is Europe's current motto as far as the energy transition is concerned. Numerous new high-speed electricity highways are being constructed so that the transition process can pick up speed.

But it also still depends on the quality of the available cables: Particularly reliable transmission networks and distribution grids are needed in order to transmit the electricity which will be generated from renewable energies efficiently and without losses occurring over long distances. Because Europe is casting its nets outwards!

The Suedlink cable between the North and South of Germany, for example, is contributing to the massive expansion of the electricity grids. With a length of 700 kilometres and an underground cable length of over 2,400 kilometres, it is the largest infrastructure project for the energy transition in Germany and is scheduled to go into operation in 2028. The 600-kilometre NordLink, which enables the exchange of energy between Norway and Germany via an undersea cable routed through the North Sea, has already been completed.

Cables for global energy security
Full speed ahead is the motto for the future: Plans include the NorNed, an underwater cable route between Norway and the Netherlands as well as the BritNed, which is designed to connect the British and Dutch electricity markets. There are also plans for mega projects such as the EuroAfrica Interconnector and the EuroAsia Interconnector.

However, the demands which are placed on the cable systems for the power routes are high. In extensive tests, they have to prove that they possess the necessary mechanical robustness and electrical performance as well as being waterproof. After all, they all serve to fulfil one objective: to ensure energy security with renewable energies – even in the face of an uncertain geopolitical situation. An indispensable part of the solution are the manufacturers of cables and cable machinery, who will also be demonstrating their skills at wire 2024 in Düsseldorf.

Trends and highlights from the industrial sectors of wire, cables and pipes will be presented at the world's leading trade fair of wire & Tube from 15 to 19 April 2024 at Düsseldorf fairgrounds.



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