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Middle East Data Centre Market 2015 - 2020 Pricing Trends

ReportsnReports.com adds Data Centre Middle East 2015 to 2020 market research report to the IT & Telecommunications category of its online industry data and intelligence library. The research says that in the Middle East, there is continued growth taking place in the Data Centre sector in selected Country Markets (Bahrain, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & the UAE) in the region - with the UAE and Saudi Arabia seeing the most new Data Centre investment - but with new investment also taking place in Israel and Jordan, and on a selected basis, in other Middle Eastern countries. 

The Data Centre can be a critical part of IT development in the Middle East region as it is a key component in attracting local and global investment from the IP, telecoms, hosting, integrator, BPO and IT outsourcing sectors. New investment taking place from all of these sectors are seen as being a key part of modernising and diversifying the economies of those countries. But the investment in Data Centre facilities for third party use also needs to be supported by an ecosystem of Telecom Providers, Broadband & ISPs and an independent IP Exchange, which in turn can generate opportunities for other hosting, cloud and digital content providers. But Data Centre development is still at an early stage of development in some of the Gulf States, with Oman, Qatar, Kuwait & Bahrain in particular having limited number of Data Centre providers and facilities available. The main focus of investment has been the countries of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Jordan.

With the exception of the four largest countries in the report (the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan & Israel) - Data Centre facilities are still at the nascent stage of development in the Middle East. The number of Data Centre operators in each country - each with relatively small raised floor space - and typically is less than in the established European, American or Asian markets. The total amount of raised floor space is also limited compared with Europe. There is generally a correlation between the stage of Data Centre development and the number of network access providers.

As of the beginning of 2015, this research forecasts that there will be over 125,000 square metres of raised floor colocation and Data Centre space in the eight countries featured in the report, with 57 Data Centre providers and 91 Data Centre facilities in total. Of the 57 Data Centre providers in this survey (as of the beginning of 2015), the majority of Data Centre providers are based in Saudi Arabia (25%) and the UAE (19%) followed by Israel (17%) and Jordan (14%) whereas Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman follow them in single digit percentages. By country, the amount of Data Centre raised floor space in this survey differs enormously, with the biggest single market for raised floor space being the UAE, followed by Israel and then Saudi Arabia. The smallest Data Centre Country Markets surveyed are Oman and Kuwait. The main growth in Data Centre floor space - since the last report was published in 2012 - has come from the two countries of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, which now account for more than 50 per cent of Data Centre floor space in the eight countries in the survey as of the beginning of 2015.

Profiles are provided for Bezeq International Data Centre profile (Israel), Electronia Data Centre profile (Saudi Arabia), Etisalat Data Centre profile (UAE), eHosting DataFort Data Centre profile (UAE), Mobily Data Centre profile (Saudi Arabia), Injazat Data Systems Data Centre profile (UAE), Bynet Data Centre profile (Israel) and Equinix Data Centre profile (UAE).

The 2015 edition shows the Middle East Data Centre pricing trends over the 5 year period from the beginning of 2015 to the beginning of 2020. It updates the projected growth rate based on new data, including actual new Data Centre build outs made in the region since 2012, and is also based on updated rack space pricing in the proprietary pricing database. To derive the space forecast in the report TCL has performed a "bottom up" survey of all the identifiable Data Centres in each of the eight countries in the report, with overall Data Centre raised floor space and utilisation levels forecast from the beginning of 2015 to the beginning of 2020.

The new Data Centre Middle East - 2015 report differs from the earlier 2012 report in the following 3 main ways:

The forecast for Data Centre raised floor space, utilisation and revenue in the 8 Middle East countries in this report starts from the beginning of 2015 (rather than the end of 2012) for the 5-year period to the beginning of 2020.
It re-assesses the Data Centre market in each of the 8 countries and re-checks the net facility raised floor space that is available. This has meant altering upwards the Data Centre raised floor space trends in the UAE, Saudi Arabia & Jordan, but lowering the Data Centre raised floor space trends in Bahrain, Israel & Qatar.
It also obtains new rack space pricing from selected Middle Eastern Data Centre providers, which has been used to determine the revised revenue per square metre.

In the 2015 report TCL has collated information from some 57 Data Centre providers across the Middle East (up from 41 Data Centre providers previously), with 91 individual Data Centre and collocation facilities (up from 60 Data Centre facilities previously) identified in the 8 countries in the survey. Geographical Coverage includes Bahrain, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & the UAE.




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