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World Class ROI Printing Press : Lithrone GX/G advance Series Debut

Komori Corporation has developed the Lithrone GX/G advance series, highly advanced Lithrone sheetfed offset presses built to provide customers with a world class ROI (return on investment).

Along with the recent tide of rapid changes in the social and economic environment, major changes have been sought in the printing industry. In particular, the demands for production of small lots, high added value products and short turnarounds have become urgent. To meet these demands, printing company management faces one of its most critical issues: to what extent can productivity in the printing process be raised. Other pressing issues the printing industry faces include responding to the lack of sufficient manpower, changes in work styles, and digitalization – the evolution of the smart factory.
As a means of solving these issues, Lithrone GX/G advance series presses were developed with top priority given to the following items, making it possible to attain high productivity and quality by means of easy operation.
1. Major improvements in the high-speed stability of the feeder and delivery, which provide the basic performance of a press.
2. Improved suitability for high-speed, long-run printing, while the performance of Komorimatic, which is a key to high print quality, is unchanged.
3. A dramatic reduction of touchpoints by use of a self-learning function and a new control platform for linkage of high-level printing systems.
In addition, Komori provides strengthened collaboration with KP-Connect solution cloud, which enables the smart factory, including MIS, prepress and postpress, and was developed based on Komori’s Connected Automation concept. This realizes strengthened collaboration and optimization between processes as well as high-level automation with presets based on information from high-end systems, thus contributing to productivity improvement throughout the entire printing process.
The Lithrone GX/G advance presses enable users to obtain a significantly higher ROI than with the conventional Lithrone. Komori believes that it will be the indispensable press for printing company management in this new age.
Lithrone GX/G advance Technologies
1. Basic performance
• Feeder and delivery performance has been significantly improved.
• Stable high-speed printing and high productivity with absolutely minimum losses.
• Tasks dependent on operator skill minimized by easy operation.
2. Print quality
• By optimization of the dampening system, the superiority of the minimum-water Komorimatic – dot quality sharpness and stability – is maintained while suitability for high speed/long run printing is improved.
3. Next-generation control system for improved operability and support for Connected Automation
•New operation screen and operator-friendly operation platform with reduced touchpoints.
• Linkage with various mechatronics devices that maintain quality from print start-up to the end of the job is centered on KHS-AI, which handles overall control. Also, an easy-to-view operation screen.
• Fast feedback control to the press is realized by mechanisms based on the robust, high-precision mechanical structure and high-level closed-loop technologies.
• By connection with KP-Connect Pro solution cloud, job data can be sent to the press by direct presets. No need for troublesome input tasks on the press and operating mistakes are eliminated.
availability of the new presses will be from October 1, 2020. (The lineup of models will be successively expanded.)



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