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YAM International and Deviz Printing Plant announce agreement on Impremia IS29

The launch of the equipment is scheduled for autumn 2020.
It is a long-awaited and revolutionary event in the printing industry of Russia. The latest digital technologies embodied in the Impremia IS29 enter the market and open a new stage in its development. Added to Deviz' advanced technical capabilities IS29 creates a unique complex for a wide variety of combined printing solutions.

The printing plant has been consistently upgrading its equipment. As a result of thoughtful analysis Deviz decided that Komori press would be the best fit to meet their customers' demands. During the selection process the management team evaluated manufacturers, visited print shops and demo centers in Europe.
“New times require modern solutions. So we took the next step in digital printing to improve our efficiency in accordance with the demands of our customers and shareholders. The leading position in the Northwest printing market binds Deviz to meet and even exceed its requirements.
We are aiming to show that modern technologies make printing smarter and interact with bigdata and online projects. We are offering solutions for periodicals, advertisers, corporate customers, and government agencies.
We have been working on the project long enough, waiting for digital technologies of industrial digital printing to be tested in European production, become more advanced and efficient. We decided that Komori IS29 would be the best fit according to its technical features and economic indicators" Oleg Kiselyov, CEO of Deviz Printing Plant commented the agreement.
Polina Druzhinina, head of the digital project, added: "We would like to note its amazing printing quality and stable colour reproduction." Impremia IS 29 is a heavy industrial equipment (it weights 8 tons) and the design of its feeder and delivery units is similar to Komori offset machines. The press uses UV ink, which allows to handle any type of substrate, including film without prior preparation.
We already had some jobs for Russian and foreign clients for which we used digital technologies. The new press will bring our bold projects to a new level. We were looking for a solution that would be able to remove traditional limitations in digital printing. You cannot say "Well, it is digital, what else to expect..." about an impression from Impremia IS29. It gives the high quality that is assosiated with offcet printing. Combined with our offcet equipment Komori Impremis IS29 creates a unique technological complex. It will deal with jobs which are complex for traditional printing, such as mass personalization of printing products in a short time.
As for the pricing — we conducted a series of price monitoring on traditional digital jobs and products when we worked on the project, and we believe that the technology is “in the market”. But our aim is not just to enter the digital market, but to discover a new one at the intersection of traditional offset and digital technologies.” The commissioning and maintenance of the contract will be carried out by YAM International. This will continue and develop the cooperation beetween YAM International and Deviz Printing Plant. Elena Fadina, Director of YAM International (North-West) said: “The new project is a teamwork. And now it is up to us to introduce Russia's first B2 inkjet equipment and to develop the market of personalized periodicals that meets modern marketing challenges of the customers, and we are getting ready.”



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