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Komori Concept “Connected Automation” at China Print 2021

Smart Factory realized by Connected Automation
Drastic changes in the social and economic environment in recent years have demanded similar transformations in the printing industry. In particular, the degree to which productivity can be raised and profits generated has become a critical issue for printing companies. To solve this problem, innovation through DX - Digital Transformation of the entire production process is the key.

Connected Automation is Komori's approach to seamlessly connecting individual processes to create smart printing factories. The central piece of software, KP-Connect Pro integrates and manages management information systems (MIS), prepress, press, postpress, which are divided among individual systems. With more and more customers adopting Connected Automation, both in Japan and overseas, the digital transformation (DX) of printing companies is already underway.
KP-Connect Pro is an open platform system that allows customers to connect to various manufacturers and vendors. In other words, customers can freely combine not only existing but also new devices.
Additionally, press automation that links Komori machines can drastically improve productivity by optimizing each press' production schedule or by minimizing the amount of hands-on involvement from operators. The newly announced Lithrone G advance series was developed for just this purpose, and provides one of the world class ROI. Designed to maximize the effects of press automation, visitors can witness demonstrations of the presses in action.
Experience the innovative solutions made possible by Connected Automation for creation of smart factories, at the China Print 2021 Komori booth.
KP-Connect Pro
Smart Factory Middleware (MES - Manufacturing Execution System)
KP-Connect Pro is a revolutionary piece of middleware (MES - Manufacturing Execution System) that promotes digital transformation of the printing industry. KP-Connect Pro is the keystone in Komori's concept of Connected Automation. It helps maximize productivity for printing companies and, by linking various printing processes, enables visualization, streamlining of production flows and automation.
Allowing various devices to be linked via an open platform helps to remove bottlenecks in various MIS, prepress, press and postpress processes, and can drastically accelerate creation of smart factories.
Additionally, KP-Connect connects customers with Komori, allowing for a range of services to improve and support operations.
・Real-time creation of operating records for all presses and finishing equipment
・Check production status from anywhere over the cloud/Visualize production status in realtime using large-format signage
“Streamlining of production flows”
・Simple all-process scheduler/automatic press scheduling
・An open platform through alliances with various MIS, prepress*1 and postpress manufacturers and vendors
・Prepress automation, for automatic creation of RIP jobs and output of printing plates synchronized with printing schedules
・Automation of makeready tasks for Komori offset printing presses
・Linking of postpress processes
・Production control data can be displayed and starts/finishes can be logged via iPad
LITHRONE G40 advance
40"Offset Printing Press
World Class ROI Printing Press Lithrone G40 advance
The Lithrone G advance series are developed highly advanced Lithrone sheetfed offset presses built to provide customers with a world class ROI (Return on Investment). The press features three major advancements.
1. Major improvements in the high-speed stability of the feeder and delivery, which provide the basic performance of a press.
2. Improved suitability for high-speed, long-run printing, while the performance of Komorimatic, which is a key to high print quality, is unchanged.
3. A dramatic reduction of touchpoints by use of a self-learning function and a new control platform for linkage of high-level printing systems.
To better facilitate Connected Automation, integration with KP-Connect Pro middleware has been further strengthened. Productivity and operability has been drastically improved through automatic operation that removes the need for hands-on intervention from operators, and through use of presets for high-level automation of job changeovers.
・Smart Color technology
Changing colors for special color inks is a major source of production bottlenecks when printing packages. Smart Color Komori developing is a revolutionary solution capable of covering a wide color gamut without changing ink.
This technology uses seven colors of ink (CMYK + orange, green and violet) to reproduce a variety of colors through dot printing. Reproducing colors in this way requires a high level of dot reproduction accuracy. In other words, Smart Color is only made possible through the Komorimatic dampening system, which minimizes as much water as possible from ink without allowing it to emulsify.
Smart Color will be an innovation that revolutionizes productivity for package printing by eliminating color changing.
・Automatic configuration and execution of jobs through linking of KP-Connect Pro and KHS High-performance Inking System
・Special color reproduction through dot printing that relies on smart color technology
LITHRONE G37P advance
37"Convertible Perfecting Offset Printing Press
The Lithrone G37P advance: Unparalleled 16-page A4/letter size printing solutions providing World Class ROI
The Lithrone G37P advance is a compact perfector that carries on the design concepts of the advance series while meeting two-sided printing needs. Through optimal printing size and two-sided one-pass printing, the LITHRONE G37P produces an effect in particular at 16-page A4 printing. The G37P achieves a world-class ROI, receiving strong feedback from customers, with one customer stating "we maintain top speed for the press at all times, quadrupling productivity compared to our previous one-sided press."
-Parallel Makeready
Job changeover is fast due to the Asynchronous Automatic Plate Changing System and simultaneous processing of parallel controls (blanket cleaning, pre-inking and air/plate registration presets).This minimizes changeover time and reduces paper waste during start-up printing.
-A-APC (Asynchronous Automatic Plate Changing System)
Each unit is equipped with a plate changing-dedicated motor, allowing plates to be changed simultaneously for all colors using their own dedicated driving force. With the A-APC, plate changing can be completed in 1 minute 25 seconds regardless of how many plates are changed. This labor-saving design greatly reduces makeready time, becoming more effective as the number of plates increases.
・Automatic distribution of job data by KP-Connect Pro simplifies operation
・Uses process-less printing plates. High-speed H-UV L (LED) two-sided printing
・Links with MBO K80 high-speed folding machine (signature linking through KP-Connect Pro)
Digital Solutions
In this exhibition, demonstrations will be carried out virtually using video. Experience Komori's latest digital solutions, the Impremia NS40 and the Impremia IS29s.
Impremia NS40
40” Sheetfed Nanographic Printing® System
A new B1-size digital press to pioneer new business fields, utilizing Komori's full range of offset technologies.
Introducing a new digital press, with the impressive productivity and profitability needed to expand customers' businesses by meeting growing demand for short and medium runs of many different printed items and for immediate turnaround on jobs such as packages, displays and POPs. Supported by Komori's previously amassed technologies, and with unique designs such as use of image transfer blankets, the press achieves B1 print speeds of 6,500 sph. As a "digital offset" press, the NS40 is the peak of digital presses and is made possible only by Komori.
Impremia IS29s
29” Sheetfed UV Inkjet Digital Printing System
Quality, Reliability and Stability Advanced Digital Printing System
The Impremia IS29 professional-spec UV inkjet digital printing system has evolved once more—now introducing the advanced Impremia IS29s. In addition to the full range of highly-received basic features—such as suitability with a wide range of printing stocks and sheet thicknesses, stable high print quality thanks to its superior tone reproduction and register accuracy, and instant curing/one-pass double-sided printing for immediate finishing—a variety of options to further increase usability and create added value are also available. The Impremia IS29s pushes the boundaries of digital printing, meeting the needs of not only commercial printing, where short runs of many different printed products and quick turnaround are required, but also those of package printing, with increased productivity and efficiency.
40"Convertible Perfecting Offset Printing Press
The Perfector 40: unparalleled printing for a variety of single-color two-sided jobs
With exceptional quality, and stable two-sided one-pass printing at speeds of 13,000 sheets per hour, the Perfector 40 is the perfect press for a variety of single-color, two-sided jobs.
While demand for multicolored printing continues to rise, Komori developed this press to meet the persistent demand for single-color printing of items such as dictionaries, paperbacks, study aids, user manuals and drug inserts.
It provides superior print quality, eliminating common issues faced by two-sided machines. Designed with Komori's amassed expertise in machine safety, durability and operability, and with service and support, the press can be relied upon for years to come.
・High-speed, thin paper printing
・Stable quality for coated/high-quality paper
B1 size Combi Folders
MBO K80 is the folder with high folding precision due to high operating speed and robust construction.
And, slitter adjustment and changing can be performed quickly and accurately outside the machine. Supports one-person operation.
MBO GmbH & Co. has joined the Komori Group, allowing for postpress automation by linking with KP-Connect Pro. Linking with KP-Connect Pro allows for automation of folding information and progress management for processes up to and including postpress via the Datamanager 4.0 interface. One of the highlights this time is that saving labor for simple tasks by the CoBo-Stack, MBO's automatic paper stacking robot.
・MBO CoBo-Stack palletizing robot
A work-saving piece of equipment, the robot arm automatically stacks signature bundles counted by the stacker onto pallets.
・16-page folding of books and images printed on the Lithrone G37P advance
・Creation of job information presets using KP-Connect and Datamanager 4.0
・Automatic pallet loading using MBO CoBo-Stack
Scodix Ultra 1000
Digital Enhancement Press
Scodix, the pioneer and leading provider of digital print enhancement presses in Graphic Arts, brings converters and PSPs (print service providers) in commercial print, web-to-print, publishing, folding carton, photo, tags, trade finishers and more, real and measurable added value to products they deliver to their customers. The company’s digital enhancement presses in conjunction with Scodix applications offer unmatched, high-quality enhancement capabilities that make prints stand out from the rest while significantly increasing converters and PSPs profits.
The Scodix Ultra 1000 digital enhancement press produces unmatched quality – on time and on budget- all on one press platform. The Scodix Ultra 1000 supports up to 7 Scodix applications including variable data enhancements.
-The substrate printed by Komori Lithrone G40 advance with Hi-Res graphic in CMYK and finished on demand by Scodix Ultra 1000 digital enhancement machine.
-7 applications can be done by Scodix Ultra 1000, here demonstrated the application of foil to foil, sense on foil and crystal.
-Digital in line with Scodix PASTM Foil technology and Scodix sense (3D UV) will give you brilliant tactile effects plus multiple variety of combinations of Scodix applications on one press.
Corner Exhibitions
Komori introduces the latest solutions from various topics: global networks, offset printing, digital printing, KOMORI-Kare and environmental initiatives. Exhibits in the offset and digital corners introduce our products and systems offering exception ROIs. View the total solutions on offer from Komori.



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