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Packaging printer in Brazil, Congraf, recently invested in a POLAR die-cutting Label System DC-11

Congraf, a company dedicated to industrial packaging printing, located in Sao Paolo in Brazil, purchased a POLAR die-cutting system DC-11 to increase productivity in the paper label section. This new POLAR system consists of a loading table, an AC 25 stack cutter, a die punching unit DC and a single-headed banding unit BD. The system works in connection with a POLAR 137 to pre-cut the strips of labels.

Congraf is a packaging printer with 40-inch offset printing presses. The company is located in a 15.000 m² industrial building in the south of Sao Paolo producing in three shifts six days a week.
Since the machine start-up, performance has increased in terms of speed, quantities, and cutting quality and precision.
The transition from manual die-cutting processes to automation with DC-11 has allowed the productivity to improve by double digits, especially in the product segment of beer labels.
An essential component of the POLAR System DC-11 is the automatic cutting machine POLAR Autocut 25 (AC 25). A pusher device on the loading table feeds the automatic cutter with pre-cut label strips. The AC 25 cuts them into label stacks. Subsequently, a swivel unit transfers the stacks to the feeder of the die punching unit DC. After die-cutting the label stacks, a pusher automatically transports the processed labels to the single-headed banding unit BD. Because the single-headed bander uses ultrasonic technology, preheating is not necessary. The ultrasonic welding unit also prevents annoyance caused by a bad smell. This workflow offers an excellent performance of up to 960 bundles per 60 minutes.




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