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Using HP 3D printing technology, KB Baumann cuts production time and costs for customers

HP Multi Jet Fusion technology helps KB Baumann better serve its customers and accelerate production of high-quality parts

German-based engineering firm and customised solutions provider, Konstruktion (KB) Baumann, has introduced an HP Jet Fusion 580 Colour 3D Printer. The new 3D colour printer is the only device currently available on the market that can produce functional components in full colour. In addition, the HP device reduces production time and costs for manufacturing high-quality components. KB Baumann is thus able to offer its customers better service coupled with greater flexibility.

Founded in 1998, KB Baumann combines cutting-edge technology and expert knowledge with a family business approach to customer service, to help businesses in the medical and mechanical engineering space bring their ideas to life. KB Baumann offers consulting, designing and manufacturing services to customers around the world, and uses 3D printing technology to produce parts.

Using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technologies, KB Baumann only achieved monochrome components with limited functionality and insufficient durability. The company therefore decided to invest in new higher quality technologies.

As a result, KB Baumann was the first German company to use the HP Jet Fusion 580 3D colour printer. The HP Multi Jet Fusion technology enables KB Baumann to implement design iterations faster and to customise parts of machinery for faster production processes. The ability to print in full colour was particularly important for KB Baumann: by cleverly using color, various advantages such as color marking of abrasion points, the inclusion of QR codes for tracking and direct instructions to the assembly operator could be printed in the component.

“In 2010, we implemented Additive Manufacturing because we saw a lot of opportunities with this technology,” says Christian Baumann, CEO and Managing Director of KB Baumann. “Our aim here was to reduce the production time for the manufacturing of different parts while delivering high quality products. Full-color 3D printing also gives our customers another advantage that was not available before: the use of color to improve functional parts.”

For example, KB Baumann can use the technology to transfer knowledge from the designer to the fitter via assembly aids and minimise the risk of incorrect assembly. In addition, it enables the 3D printing of QR codes directly on the machine. Customers simply scan the QR code of the component, order the replacement and it is produced. A part is produced in just two to three days, with traditional manufacturing methods, it takes four to six weeks. The HP Multi Jet Fusion 580 3D Printer therefore also offers KB Baumann and its customers enormous time savings in the production of spare parts for their own special machines and thus also significantly reduced downtime for these machines.

“With HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, our printing process time has reduced drastically, what used to take some of our customers four to six weeks, now takes just a few days. In addition to saving time, it also means reduced costs since our customers need fewer iterations,” continued Mr. Baumann.




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