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Innovative Product Ideas with Thread Sewing

TWE¦ƎNMC from Muller Martini Makes Softcover Products More Attractive

Thanks to the TWE¦ƎNMC option, shorter folded signatures can now also be stitched in a book block using the Ventura MC book sewing machine. Businesses need to stand out in the market with attractive print products, from creative catalogs with open thread sewing for perfect layflat behavior or high-quality softcover books with shorter centered signatures or foldouts.

Muller Martini's Ventura MC is the world's first book sewing machine that is capable of stitching products featuring signatures in different sizes and positions directly in the book block, thanks to the new TWE¦ƎNMC option. State-of-the-art servo technology makes it possible for the "tweens" to differ both in length and width and to be placed in different positions in the book block.

Compact Book Blocks with Short Thread Ends
The Ventura MC is highly efficient as it can stitch without the need for a blind stitch. The book blocks produced using this method have short thread ends, which is especially beneficial for the finishing process in the softcover segment. Thanks to the heat sealed thread loop, the deep stitched book blocks from the Ventura keep their compact form.

"Softcover products produced using the Ventura MC are of especially high quality," says Jürgen Noll, Managing Director of Muller Martini Book Technology GmbH. "They are therefore particularly suited to high-quality catalogs and brochures with striking shorter signatures, photo or art books, and softcover textbooks designed to convey knowledge in a more interesting way." In addition, further product ideas arise from the possibility of stitching in signatures with different fold types, such as a double-parallel fold or a zigzag gatefold.

Noll adds: "Thanks to motion control drive design, the lug chain adjusts independently to the different sizes and the tweens can be processed entirely automatically."

Attractive Softcover Products
What used to be a process requiring elaborate, time-consuming manual work can today be automated with a far quicker production method, meaning that attractive print products can be offered to end customers at more competitive prices.

That is why the Mönch bookbindery in the east German city of Leipzig decided to invest in a Ventura MC book sewing machine from Muller Martini featuring the TWE¦ƎNMC option. "Our regular customers, in particular, are interested in the new options with tweens," says company owner André Mönch. "We've recently received some jobs again for the Ventura MC with the TWE¦ƎNMC option, mainly softcover, and all for art publications with runs of up to 1,000 copies."

Ready for Offset and Digital, and Easy to Retrofit
André Mönch is confident that demand for attractive thread-sewn print products with shorter folded signatures, integrated foils, transparent paper and various different fold types will increase, not least because of the growing popularity of the digital segment. The Ventura MC book sewing machine is designed for both offset and digital.

Newer models of the Ventura MC book sewing machine are already fitted with the TWE¦ƎNMC option, and it is easily retrofittable on machines from the 2/11 series and upward. For Ventura MC machines with an older year of manufacture, it can be checked individually whether an upgrade is possible.



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