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SCREEN Launches PlateRite FX N Series for Flexo and Letterpress Plates

New Systems Deliver Outstanding Quality and Operability in CtP Processing
SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN GA) has finalized development of its PlateRite FX N series, a new range of CtP systems specially designed for flexo and letterpress plates. The series delivers significant improvements in both quality and operability. They are launched in the worldwide markets from this February.

In recent years, increasing diversification of consumer preferences has led to a need for further differentiation in package printing. This has also affected CtP performance, where quality requirements are higher than ever before. In response to these trends, SCREEN GA has developed its new PlateRite FX N series of CtP systems for flexo and letterpress plates. The systems provide major gains in both quality performance and usability over conventional CtP.
As part of its efforts to increase quality, SCREEN GA has developed Super Fine Cell,1 a proprietary pattern function designed to improve ink density. Super Fine Cell solves ink transfer issues that can occur in flexo printing. It forms minute indents on the plate surface that are used to retain ink, enabling a higher volume to be transferred. This function is particularly effective for increasing ink density in solid areas.
SCREEN GA has also created a new main exposure function that uses inline UV LEDs (option). Exposure can be performed without input from the operator, helping to streamline processing. A wide range of media can be used with this series, including flexo, letterpress, thermal offset and steel-based letterpress plates.2
The new series offers a lineup of four models intended to meet a variety of needs. The PlateRite FX1524N and FX1200N, launched in February, are designed to handle diverse applications including labels as well as flexible packaging, cartons and corrugated carboard. Meanwhile, the PlateRite FX870N-S and FX870N-E, to be released in April, are specially optimized for printing companies seeking to improve the quality of their labels.
As a global leader in CtP technologies, SCREEN GA will continue working to provide high value added products. It remains fully committed to the long-term growth of the printing industry.
1. Super Fine Cell is an option for EQUIOS. It is compatible with all PlateRite FX N series.
2. Steel-based letterpress plates can only be used with PlateRite FX870N models as an option. They are not compatible with other models.



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