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Druckzentrum Zurich (DZZ): Successful revision for sustained top performance

Ferag AG recently carried out a successful revision for Druckzentrum Zürich (DZZ) in order to extend the service life of its production facilities. The focus of this revision was the replacement of the control drum on an MSD inserting drum. The component was in operation since 2001 and needed to be replaced now.
The Druckzentrum Zürich (DZZ) is the largest and newspaper printing plan with the highest capacity and performance in Switzerland and was opened in 1984 as the Bubenberg printing center of the Tages-Anzeiger. Today, Druckzentrum Zürich belongs to Tamedia AG, a subsidiary of TX Group AG.

The DZZ specializes in printing, mailroom processing and distribution for newspaper products, including national and regional titles such as "Tages-Anzeiger", "NZZ" and "Blick", as well as customer newspapers such as the "Migros-Magazin" and advertising materials. Around 460 million newspapers leave the Zurich site every year.
The company is characterized by its state-of-the-art technology and commitment to quality printing. It is known for using the latest printing technologies and continuously investing in the modernization of its equipment. This enables DZZ to produce high-quality print products in large quantities while remaining efficient and extremely flexible. The ongoing revision and modernization of production equipment, such as the
recent replacement of the control drum on an MSD inserting drum, underscores DZZ's commitment to continuous improvement and longevity.
The main function of the MSD inserting drum is to insert preprints, magazines and advertising supplements into the main jacket at high speed and then forward them to the packaging machines. This enables an efficient and automated production process in which the finished newspaper products are prepared for dispatch and delivery.
The control drum is a key component of the MSD insertion drum and now had to be replaced after more than 20 years - a considerable service life considering the heavy loads to which the control drum is exposed. The system was put back into operation within just 5 days and almost 28 hours before the end of the planned rebuild window, reducing production downtime to a minimum. This extremely efficient procedure is the result of close coordination and cooperation between DZZ and Ferag. From the meticulously planned preparation, including the provision of materials and special tools, to the experienced staff of both partners on site. This ensured that both the preparations and the conversion went smoothly. The DZZ team ensured that the MSD inserting drum was available for the conversion period by transferring productions to other lines. This coordinated effort made it possible to put the machine back into operation faster than planned and to the customer's complete satisfaction.
Ferag machines are known for their high quality and are designed for a long service life. The revision will ensure the function of a core element of the production facilities at DZZ for many years to come. It shows how careful planning, close cooperation and expert knowledge can help to keep printing systems running reliably and sustainably and increase efficiency. Ferag and the DZZ look forward to continuing their trusting partnership in order to deliver high-quality print products for Swiss readers in the future.




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