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Canon uniFLOW Online 2020.1 - New standards for cloud printing and driver management

- Network independent printing via the cloud
- Quick and easy driver deployment
- Improvement of the scanning functions
- Support of additional identity providers
- Support for non-standard passwords

Cloud-based services make life easier and are becoming increasingly trusted thanks to very good security standards. Canon's uniFLOW Online 2020.1 software offers solutions for printing and scanning to and from the cloud to meet a wide range of needs. Especially those who work on the road need the special flexibility that uniFLOW Online offers. Scanning to the new destination folder Therefore Online is extremely convenient because it is easy to find. Additional supported identity management services centralise the administration of user access.
Network independent printing via the cloud
Local job submission with a SmartClient requires communication between the user's client PC and the device. However, the local network environment is not always set up to allow this. In addition to local storage for secure print jobs, print jobs can now also be stored in uniFLOW Online. This means that secure print jobs move from the uniFLOW SmartClient (for Windows) to the cloud and are safely stored in uniFLOW Online until the user releases them on the machine. The print job is then shared from the cloud directly to the device. By default the job information is also stored in the cloud. This makes printing independent of the corporate network.
Quick and easy driver deployment
The Universal Output Queue allows print jobs to be printed directly to any device without the need to install device-specific drivers. Direct printing is suitable for scenarios where secure printing is not required. This is the case, for example, when reception staff print for customers without leaving their desks, or when printing from host systems is required.
Multi-vendor devices of any brand and model can be integrated as network printers. Devices that are integrated as network printers can be printed directly using the Universal Output Queue. Of course, devices from multiple manufacturers can also be integrated via the uniFLOW Release Station to benefit from secure printing as well.
Improvement of the scanning functions
Options for selecting the destination folder
A folder structure can be complex and navigating to the desired destination folder can be time-consuming. Specifying a destination folder path makes navigation easier and scanned documents are stored directly in the specified destination folder. Optionally, you can set up the ability to browse further from the specified destination folder.
You can also use the last selected folder instead of the specified destination folder. After the first successful scan, the selected folder is saved per user. The next time a user scans a document, the folder selection starts from the last selected folder.
Destination folder selection is available for the following destinations: Box, Dropbox, Evernote®, Microsoft OneDrive® and Google Drive.
Document splitting rules
Scanning large quantities of documents in a single batch requires automatic separation of the documents. Document splitting rules have been implemented during scanning to reduce the need for manual separation of documents by the user. With uniFLOW Online 2020.1 it is possible to split documents into 'Every x-page', 'Blank pages' and 'Barcodes'.
Scan to Therefore Online
Therefore Online offers all the benefits of information management without the hassle and upfront costs of servers. uniFLOW Online provides the interface to scan documents directly to Therefore Online using metadata and multiple templates, including support for case management.
Support for external identity providers
With uniFLOW Online 2020.1, new IDaaS providers are supported via OpenID Connect, so that even more customers can use the identity providers common in their company. Examples are AuthO, Okta, OneLogin, Ping Identity. In addition, it is possible to manually configure other 'OpenID Connect' identity providers.
Support for non-standard passwords
The use of non-standard passwords greatly increases security by preventing botnets that rely on standard passwords from using them. This also applies to printers running in a network environment. The policy for non-standard passwords is now extended to uniFLOW applets installed on connected devices. With the deployment update to 2020.1, uniFLOW Online creates unique passwords for all existing and new clients when creating clients.
Continuous improvement
All core functionalities of uniFLOW Online are continuously improved.
Many minor improvements and bug fixes are also included in uniFLOW Online 2020.1. For a detailed overview of uniFLOW Online, its features and benefits, please visit the uniFLOW website or watch the corresponding video on the YouTube channel.



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