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Polykrome maintains leading position in West Africa with BOBST

Dakar-based Polykrome has built its success on its close collaboration with BOBST. Having ventured into the packaging sector, first with folding cartons and flexible packaging, then label printing in 2007, the company continues to rely on a large suite of BOBST equipment for its strategic growth.

Collaboration, responsiveness, innovation, and constant evolution are the main pillars underpinning the success of Polykrome in Senegal, West Africa. The company takes pride in its ability to understand the unique needs of each customer and provide tailor-made packaging solutions with the help of its extensive range of BOBST machinery. ​

“Naturally, we are committed to excellence to guarantee superior product quality, but the ‘Polykrome Experience’ goes further than that. It is all about the personal touch and becoming a trusted partner for our customers,” said Managing Director Walid Attieh. “Not only do we offer integrated design and prepress services, but our fully automated production workflow is a unique feature in West Africa. With our multiple investments in BOBST equipment, we can offer significant added value in all aspects of labels and packaging production.”
Initially established as a digital printer in 1999, Polykrome has successfully diversified over the years, adding flexo printing and a host of converting techniques to its repertoire. Today, the company produces self-adhesive and wraparound labels, folding cartons, and flexible packaging solutions for regional and national leaders in the food and beverage industry, mainly in Senegal, but also in neighboring countries. Employing 190 staff across all departments, it also offers a range of commercial print products such as cards, brochures, posters, and flyers.
Polykrome commenced construction of a new purpose-built facility, located in Sébikhotane, within the Dakar region, and moved its production there in January 2022. This 33,000 sqm factory will serve as the new home for the company’s BOBST machines, which include two narrow web flexo presses (a MASTER M3 and a NOVA M1), an 8-color 20SEVEN CI flexo press with smartGPS mounting table, a VISIONFOLD 80 A2 folder-gluer with semi-automatic packing, a CL750 D compact laminator, and a NOVA SX550 solventless laminator.
Mr Attieh explained the reasoning behind the investments, “The key attributes that guided our choice of these BOBST models are the significant reduction in waste, as well as the superior production capacity and advanced automation features.”
Listing the challenges in the market that necessitated this continued commitment to BOBST, Mr Attieh cited increasingly shorter delivery times, more frequent changes to artwork, as well as the introduction of ever wider product ranges, putting even more pressure on deadlines. In addition, he highlighted Polykrome’s dedication to sustainability through eco-design and waste reduction, saying that the company takes its environmental social responsibility very seriously.
Mr Attieh continued, “Managing just-in-time operations with customers is another priority, requiring rigorous supervision of our supply chain, particularly for materials, 95% of which are imported. This adaptation is crucial if we are to meet demand without compromising quality, so we can’t afford to use lower-quality options than our customers are used to.”
The decisions to diversify into folding cartons more than a decade ago, and more recently, into flexible packaging in 2022, have been strongly supported by BOBST, with planning, technology, and dedicated services. By incorporating state-of-the-art solutions from the Swiss manufacturer, Polykrome has been able to guarantee the highest quality, efficiency, and innovation in all its packaging products. ​
The strategic partnership with BOBST has given the innovative company a competitive advantage, helping to position it at the forefront of the packaging industry. “We have been a BOBST partner since 2014. We chose BOBST because of its solid reputation in the packaging sector, its wide range of cutting-edge technological solutions, and its commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. This fruitful collaboration continues thanks to these key elements, as we prepare to expand our range of printed packaging further,” concluded Mr Attieh.



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