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Augumenta Ltd. Announces Availability of Gesture-Control Tools for Epson Smart Glass Applications

Will Showcase Hand-Gesture Controlled App for Moverio™ BT-200 Smart Glasses at 2015 International CES Conference

Augumenta, Ltd. today announced the availability of its software tools to add hand-gesture controls to applications for the Epson Moverio™ BT-200 smart glasses. The Augumenta Interaction Platform SDK enables gesture control and virtual inputs on smart glasses and other wearable devices in enterprise and consumer applications.

In Epson booth #74728 at the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas this week, Augumenta will highlight the "Roshambo Reloaded" gaming app on the Moverio BT-200. Now available on the Moverio Apps Market, this smart glasses version of the classic "Rock, Scissors, Paper" game was created by the Finnish game developer Ludocraft using Augumenta's tools and Unity3D game engine. The app uses the classic gestures in a game environment where you fight rogue cowboys to save the local bank. Players compete against the computer or a live opponent in this fun and easy-to-play game.

"Roshambo Reloaded is a great way to visualize both the power and the ease-of-use that hand-gesture control brings to Moverio smart glass application developers," said Tero Aaltonen, CEO and co-founder of Augumenta. "The development team at Ludocraft quickly built a fun world that is brought to life using gesture control. Developers are using the same tools to control action and access enterprise information in areas such as field operations and logistics."

"The Augumenta Interaction Platform can be used to provide unique and powerful gesture control for any application that a developer envisions for the Moverio BT-200 smart glasses," said Anna Jen, director, New Ventures/New Products for Epson America. "The Moverio BT-200 smart glasses provide developers the opportunity to create exciting consumer and enterprise Android-based applications that take advantage of the Moverio platform's unique 'look-through' transparent display capabilities."

Leveraging Epson's patented core technologies, the Moverio BT-200 offers an unparalleled binocular smart glasses experience optimized for augmented reality applications. Micro projectors located on each side of the lens project transparent overlays of digital content directly in the user's field of view over the real-world environment. In addition to the Moverio BT-200's sensors for head-motion tracking and hands-free navigation, the smart glasses include a front-facing camera for video as well as image capture that detects real-world markers for augmented reality (AR) applications.




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