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Enfocus announces the release of the Switch Spring 2022 update

Enfocus, the leading provider of PDF quality control and automated workflows for the graphic design industry, has released a major Spring 2022 update for Switch, its market-leading automation software.

The update, which is free to all maintenance customers, includes a host of new features, UX improvements and bug fixes, and cements the platform's status as the leading standard for workflow automation. Switch now allows Node.js script expressions (with version 16 support) as well as native JSON support. This ensures easy integration with modern RESTful APIs. Many other new features have been added to the "Update Job Info" element: Users are now able to define the flow phase and up to five custom fields.
Davy Verstaen, Switch Product Manager, was delighted with the update: "Switch has become a cornerstone of our product portfolio. We are very pleased to introduce this new update. The update now makes our industry-leading automation software even better. It exceeds the requirements of all our customers.
Even if you use a very modern API, Switch now integrates seamlessly so you can waste less time setting it up and more time adding value elsewhere in the design process. In an ever-changing industry, Switch remains the only true workflow automation platform that connects every system into a single, manageable workflow."
The Switch 2022 Spring Update features several enhancements that streamline the previous Switch experience, such as single-line text with variables, optional larger thumbnails and customisable fields, and a revamped UX in the client module. In addition, the scripting tools have been further improved.
Switch 2022 Spring offers the possibility of full connectivity with all business systems such as MIS, web-to-print, imposition solutions and many more. New customers who want to take advantage of the update can either integrate the system themselves or work with an Enfocus expert to build a workflow.


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